Chicago is awesome!


The Windy City is the the most populous city in the Midwestern United States, and arguably the most popular city in the state of Illinois. The city is dynamic, vibrant, and charming. But what is it that makes Chicago such an amazing city?

Chicago is a city of firsts. The United States’ first blood bank was opened in Chicago in 1937. The first televised U.S. Presidential debate was held there in 1960. The first Ferris Wheel was raised in Chicago for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. The first drive-through bank opened in 1946, the first steel rail road in the nation. was made in 1865, and the first mail-order business (Montgomery Ward & Co.) was established in 1872. Not only that but both the Twinkie and the TV remote were invented in Chicago!

The Architecture. Chicago is a center of architecture, innovation, and imagination. Chicago is home to The Willis Tower (the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 110 stories) and the John Hancock Center (the sixth-tallest building in the untied states). The architecture of Chicago has influenced and reflected the history of American architecture.

There’s always something great to do! The city is home to around forty museums, over 200 theatersmore then 300 independent art galleries, and over 7000 restaurants! In Chicago you will also find more then fifteen swimming beaches along 26 miles of shoreline within the city limits.

Chicago is unique! In this city you will find the only river in the world that flows backwards, sixteen historic lagoons, the world’s largest outdoor food festival, and what the locals consider to be “the best deep dish pizza in the world.” Not only that but Chicago has been named the World’s Best Sports City by multiple sports magazines.

Chicago is really big! How big? Chicago is home to the world’s largest library with a collection of more then two million books, the world’s largest ice cream and cookie factory, the famous McCormick Place at 2.2 million square feet, and the longest street in the world at 23.5 miles.

While often called the Second City, Chicago will always be number one in the eyes of both locals and visitors!

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