Corporate housing is a growing industry, with more companies waking up to the potential of long-term rentals all the time. It is still one of the few growth sectors in real estate and shows no sign of slowing down.

Blu Corporate Housing is a leading provider of corporate housing, furnished rentals and rented accommodation in the Los Angeles area. We work with companies large and small to deliver a range of high quality, low-cost rentals across the country.v2

Corporate housing is so popular because it is one of the few remaining industries that really does offer more for less.

With an average saving of over 50 percent over a comparable hotel room for stays of 30 days or more, no wonder we’re so popular!

Corporate Housing Makes Sense

For too long, workers have had to put up with small hotel rooms, motels or questionable city accommodation. Quality varies hugely, as does cost and the experience is rarely a positive one.

Once the novelty of living in a hotel wears off, the reality of being stuck in a small box with no control over when and what you eat, who you have over to visit and how you live becomes a pain. That’s where Blu Corporate Housing comes in.

For companies: The benefits of using corporate housing for longer stays is twofold. The most important is that it saves you money while providing more space and more amenities for your staff.

The second benefit is that of morale. Our internal studies show us that staff working away from home are happier and more motivated when staying in a nice furnished apartment than in an average hotel room. Happier staff makes more productive staff.

For employees: The main benefit for employees using corporate housing is that of freedom. You have much more freedom in a furnished apartment than you do in a hotel. Choose your own meal times, get up when you like, entertain in your own space and live with the freedom you deserve.

Why Use Blu Corporate Housing

Los Angeles Corporate Apartment (1)Why use us? We are market leaders in corporate housing and for good reason. We can find just about anything, anywhere and handle everything for you. We make it easy to find and manage staff on the move.

Tell us what you want, where you want it, when and your budget. We’ll take care of the rest. It really is that simple. With a stable of very happy clients, we are well placed to manage all your furnished accommodation needs.

With a track record of success and hundreds of satisfied customers to our name, we are the only company to choose when you need long term rentals. Despite our size, we still have that all-important personal touch, so you’re dealing with people, not just a corporation.

Contact Blu Corporate Housing today for cost-effective corporate housing that makes sense!

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