How to find great deals on business flights

Many larger organizations arrange business travel on your behalf so all you have to do is arrive at the airport, print your ticket and board your flight. Smaller enterprises often get you to pay for and book your own flight and claim it back on expenses. If you work for one of these companies, finding good deals on business flights is essential.

A cheap flight can either mean a better seat for the same price as cattle class or less money sitting on your credit card for a month while your expenses are put through. Either way, you benefit. Add our fantastic corporate rentals at genuinely competitive prices and you can travel for business for less. We have the furnished apartment rentals side of the equation nailed down, so how about finding cheap flights?

Here are some top tips for finding genuine deals on flights.

Check the airline first

Air travel is a cutthroat business and airlines are under constant pressure to keep fares low. The first place you should look when looking for a flight is the airline website that flies that route. You are most likely to get a good deal when the airline runs sales which differs by airline. Otherwise, booking direct with the airline is not always the cheapest way to travel. If you can time it right and get a sale ticket or discount great, otherwise move on.

Check for error fares

You have to be fast, but error fares are a fantastic way to save money on flights. Websites such as Secret Flying list error fares that are caused by the airline or operator publishing the incorrect price for a fare. Monitor these websites closely, sign up to email alerts or Twitter feeds and snap up the fare as soon as it appears. Often then are only around for an hour or so until the airline spots the error. Occasionally, the airline will not honor the price, so don’t book your corporate rental until it has been confirmed!

Use loyalty

Sticking with a specific airline wherever possible allows you to build loyalty points with them. Airlines will often reward loyalty with upgrades, discounts or first option on sales tickets. You can also leverage loyalty for cancellations, changes and anything else that might impact your flight. Gather your loyalty points, call the airline rather than ask at the airport desk, be nice and see what you get in return!

Be flexible

Unless you have to be in a specific place at a given time, being flexible with your flight can get you discounts. Flying a day or two early or offering to give up your seat on a canceled or overbooked flight can see you upgraded on your next flight or get you a stopover somewhere nice for a day or two paid for by the airline. This won’t always work if you’re traveling on business but if you can build flexibility into your travel plans you might make a saving.

Fly on holidays

It may sound counterintuitive but you can make great savings by flying over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter or other holiday. While economy class tickets will be expensive, business class and above will not. Not many business people fly over the holidays which means the airlines can discount heavily to fill the seats. It is possible to make savings over 60% by choosing your time carefully.

You’re already getting a great deal by choosing us to supply your furnished rental. Follow these tips and you could save even more by getting a cheaper flight. You’re welcome!

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