Five places you should see while working in Boston


Staying in one of our corporate rentals in Boston? Looking for things to do when you’re not working? Want to explore a little of this fascinating city and don’t know what to do? Help is at hand! Our expert travel team have explored this city many times and have come up with these five places you should see.

Fenway Park

If you’re at all interested in baseball, you must see Fenway Park. The home to the Boston Red Sox for over a hundred years, the stadium is as much a step back in time as it is a celebration of one of the most notable baseball teams around. Opened in 1912, Fenway Park has played host to baseball for the longest time. A real highlight is the guided tour where you will learn everything there is to know about the team and the stadium.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile trail from Boston Common to Bunker Hill. Take a guided tour complete with costumed guide or walk it yourself by following the red bricks. The trail takes you around the city, past a lot of history and lots of places to stop to eat and drink. The entire trail takes a minimum of 3 hours but if you plan on looking at everything, can take a couple of days!

USS Constitution

USS Constitution is a big part of our history and is berthed in Boston. You can take a tour led by serving navy personnel and can access most areas of the ship. The tour includes a lot of information about the ship, the people, the battles and the part she played in our struggle for freedom. For the historical significance alone, USS Constitution is well worth visiting but the information imparted by the guide makes it ten times better.

Boston Tea Party Site

Even if you’re not into politics, the Boston Tea Party Site is worth a visit. Another site of cultural significance where our country took the first steps in its independence. The site is where local people dumped crates of tea into the harbor to protest at the taxes levied by the British in 1773. The Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum marks the site where it happened and actors can be seen reenacting the event regularly.


Cambridge is not only home to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it is also full of lovely architecture, tree-lined streets, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores and lots more besides. Longfellow House in Cambridge was the headquarters for General George Washington during the Siege of Boston and is open to the public. Harvard Yard, Massachusetts Avenue, John F. Kennedy Street and Brattle Street are all worth strolling along and enjoying too.

It was actually incredibly difficult to choose only five places to visit while working in Boston. The city may be compact but it has played such a significant part in our history and has remained a strong city in its own right that it was honestly difficult to select only five attractions. If you are working here for a while, you’re certainly not going to be short of things to do!

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