Travelling to Seattle? Here is everything you need to know!

Seattle is a port city in the northwest corner of the United States in Washington state. Famous for its skyline, the Space Needle, the city is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic places to live in the country.right-banner

The History of Seattle

The areas that is now Seattle has been inhabited for over 4000 years according to archaeological evidence. Before the Europeans arrived, it was the home of the Duwamish tribe of Native Americans who had a number of villages around the area.

George Vancouver arrived in 1792 during his expedition to chart the Pacific Northwest which was followed some 60 years later by settler parties led by Collins and Denny. Each settled different areas and made their settlements. For one reason or another, the Denny party ended up mobbing over to where Pioneer Square is today and called it Duwamps.

The name Seattle came a couple of years later once the settlement had been established. The name was taken from the leader of the Duwamish at the time, Chief Sealth. The name first appears on the official paperwork for the village in 1853.

The early success of Seattle was due to the prevalence of good quality timber. Cutting and sawing was the main employer for the early town and saw much wealth come with it. Later, the gold rush would arrive and provide the boom and bust as it did elsewhere in the country. With it came more settlers and supporting industries. Some survived the rush, others did not.

What made Seattle different is that when times were good, it used money wisely. When times were bad it used that money to diversify the economy and improve the city. It was this approach that allowed Seattle to survive and thrive.

The Climate

The climate in Seattle is classed as oceanic, meaning it’s wet some of the time but winters are mild. Summers are generally warm and sunny, but it can rain at any time at any place. Despite being so far north, it doesn’t get all that cold here. We have our four seasons and summers are a great time to visit.

Getting Around Seattle

If you arrive by plane, it will most likely be at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It is our air hub and handled most of our national and international air traffic. It’s only around 25 minutes from the city and is easy to get to and from.

Amtrak run services into King Street Station to and from Canada and the southern US cities. There are also local rail operators and commuter lines serving the city, making getting around by rail a viable method. Buses are run by Greyhound, Bolt Bus, Northwestern Trailways, Olympic, and Wheatland Express and run local and long distance routes.

Cars are of course our primary method of transport and we are fortunate enough to be quite car friendly. With the exception of rush hour, it’s very easy to get around the city by car. The public transportation is Seattle is also a vary viable option.

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