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Corporate Housing in Seattle

Utilities, TV, High-Speed Internet, Linens, & Kitchenware Included in Every Rental!

Questions? Call Leasing (877) 683-4359

Approximate Starting Prices For This Area
1 Month Lease – call for rates
2 Month Lease – call for rates
3 Months or Longer – from $114/night

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SE Eastgate---okokokok
47th Street---okokokok
34th Avenue---okokokok
SW 320th---okokokok
18th Ave S---okokokok
1st Ave S---okokokok
19th Pl---okokokok
SW Campus---okokokok
3rd Ln SW---okokokok
1st Ave SW---okokokok
2nd Lane---okokokok
21st Pl S---okokokok
27th St W---okokokok
70th Ave---okokokok
78th Avenue---okokokok
Morrison Rd---okokokok
Westridge Ave---okokokok
Aurora Avenue---okokokok
15th Ave NE---okokokok
Linden Ave N---okokokok
177th Pl---okokokok
4th Ave---okokokok
Des Moines---okokokok
196th Street SE---okokokok
NE 185th---okokokok
Juanita Woodinville---okokokok
126th Ave---okokokok
102nd Ave NE---okokokok
112th Ave---okokokok
Bothell Everett---okokokok
Bothell Everett---okokokok
27th Avenue---okokokok
20th St E---okokokok
Brookdale Road---okokokok
82nd St SW---okokokok
SW Avalon---okokokok
Western Ave---okokokok
2nd Ave---okokokok
S Jackson---okokokok
Spring Street---okokokok
Main Avenue S---okokokok
Market St---okokokok
S Mildred---okokokok
S J St---okokokok
6th Avenue---okokokok
St Helens Ave---okokokok
N G Street---okokokok
St Helens---okokokok
99th Ave---okokokok
Canyon Rd---okokokok
E Main---okokokok
7th St SE---okokokok
S Meridian---okokokok
Bridgeport Way---okokokok
59th Ave SW---okokokok
83rd St---okokokok
112th St---okokokok
3rd Avenue---okokokok
Elliott Avenue---okokokok
Westlake Avenue---okokokok
2nd Ave---okokokok
Minor Avenue---okokokok
12th Avenue---okokokok
Northeast 35th---okokokok
Harbour Pointe---okokokok
111th Street---okokokok
Yakima Avenue---okokokok
78th Street---okokokok
Northeast 4th St---okokokok
Brookdale Rd---okokokok
8th Avenue---okokokok
Black Lake Blvd---okokokok
Republican St---okokokok
E Union---okokokok
8th Ave---okokokok
John Street---okokokok
22nd Ave S---okokokok
1st Avenue---okokokok
Republican Street---okokokok
100 Roy---okokokok
Denny Way---okokokok
NE Inglewood---okokokok
230th Ln SE---okokokok
SE 179th---okokokok
SE 172nd---okokokok
Davis Ave S---okokokok
NE 5th---okokokok
SW Sunset---okokokok
Eagle Ridge---okokokok
Lake Washington---okokokok
Burnett Avenue---okokokok
Burnett Ave S---okokokok
Cliffside Ln---okokokok
Olympus Way---okokokok
McDonald Ave---okokokok
35th Ave---okokokok
240th St---okokokok
186th Place---okokokok
Northeast 40th---okokokok
Northeast 85th---okokokok
170th Place---okokokok
Lake Washington---okokokok
Duvall Avenue---okokokok
Southeast Petrovitsky---okokokok
Northeast 4th St---okokokok
118th Avenue---okokokok
Northeast 11th---okokokok
102nd Avenue---okokokok
108 Avenue---okokokok
NE 10th Street---okokokok
8th Avenue---okokokok
Yale Avenue---okokokok
15th Avenue---okokokok
Olive Way---okokokok
Northeast 45th---okokokok
Broadway East---okokokok
78th Avenue---okokokok
Minor Avenue---okokokok
S Puget---okokokok
Eagle Ridge---okokokok
South Pine Street---okokokok
Lilly Road---okokokok
Pinehurst Drive---okokokok
4th Avenue---okokokok
15th Ave---okokokok
213th Place---okokokok
213th Place---okokokok
Terrace View---okokokok
A Street SE---okokokok
8th St NE---okokokok
E Main---okokokok
164th Street SW---okokokok
164th St SW---okokokok
111th St Ct E---okokokok
41st St---okokokok
NW 56th Street---okokokok
12th Avenue---okokokok
3rd Avenue---okokokok
Fourth Ave---okokokok
161st Ave NE---okokokok
Bear Creek Pkwy---okokokok
Cleveland Street---okokokok
Redmond Way---okokokok
N.E. 83rd Street---okokokok
West Lake Sammamish Pkwy---okokokok
North Creek Drive---okokokok
Dumas Rd---okokokok
SE 27th Street---okokokok
78th Ave SE---okokokok
76th Avenue SE---okokokok
176th St SW---okokokok
Larch Way---okokokok
44th Ave W---okokokok
35th Avenue West---okokokok
59th Ave SW---okokokok
83rd Ave SW---okokokok
82nd St SW---okokokok
101 St Way NE---okokokok
NE 123rd Ln---okokokok
NE 124th Ln---okokokok
NE 131st Way---okokokok
State Street South---okokokok
62nd Avenue South---okokokok
SE 240th St---okokokok
Central Ave N---okokokok
North Central Ave---okokokok
NE Hawthorne St---okokokok
S E 56th St---okokokok
112th Street SW---okokokok
West Mall Drive---okokokok
16th Drive SE---okokokok
Northeast Bothell Way---okokokok
NE 8th Street---okokokok
NE 10th Street---okokokok
S.E. 26th Street---okokokok
Lakemont Boulevard SE---okokokok
NE 20th St---okokokok
111th Ave NE---okokokok
110th Ave NE---okokokok
103rd Avenue NE---okokokok
NE 10th Street---okokokok
NE 2nd St---okokokok
NE 10th Street---okokokok
SE Eastgate Way---okokokok
Harvard Avenue East---okokokok
Dexter Ave N---okokokok
1st Ave---okokokok
3rd Ave W---okokokok
2nd Ave W---okokokok
Wall St---okokokok
Elliott Ave---okokokok
Monroe Ave---okokokok
120th Lane---okokokok
Stevens Ave---okokokok
North 10th Pl---okokokok
Lake Washington---okokokok
103rd Ave SE---okokokok
Vine St---okokokok
Barnes Boulevard---okokokok
239th Pl---okokokok
108th Ave---okokokok
McDonald Ave---okokokok
Main Street---okokokok
Pearl Street---okokokok
Mason Avenue---okokokok
62nd Avenue---okokokok
SW 352nd---okokokok
Dock Street---okokokok
Valley Ave---okokokok
St Helens Ave---okokokok
First Avenue West---okokokok
N.E. 37th Pl.---okokokok
Old Redmond Road---okokokok
148th Ave. N.E.---okokokok
Capital Mall Dr---okokokok
115th Avenue---okokokok
Western Avenue---okokokok
Taylor Avenue---okokokok
4th Avenue---okokokok
70th Avenue---okokokok
78th Ave---okokokok
Fawcett Avenue---okokokok
Ross Ave---okokokok
21st Avenue---okokokok
Federal Way---okokokok
Admiralty Way---okokokok
18th Avenue---okokokok
Lake Heights---okokokok
Merrill Creek---okokokok
Mill Creek Boulevard---okokokok
164th Street---okokokok
112th St SW---okokokok
148th Avenue---okokokok


Types of Corporate Housing in Seattle

Blu Corporate Housing offers a wide-range of furnished housing services to our clients. From economy rentals to luxury rentals and everything in between, we have what you’re looking for. See below for some of the various types of lodging we offer.

MONTH-TO-MONTH-RENTALS – Many people, especially traveling workers on assignment, require furnished accommodation for only 30 days and prefer to not utilize hotels. For these people we offer month-to-month furnished rentals. The one draw-back is these are the most expensive housing options we offer, but they are available should you need them. Please note, not all of our apartments qualify for 30 day stays, some of our rentals require 2-3 month leases depending on building/complex rules. If you have questions, please inquire by calling or emailing our leasing team.

HOUSING FOR LARGE GROUPS – We can create custom housing setups to accommodate teams, workers, construction crews, or other large traveling groups who require short-term furnished housing and would like to all stay in the same building or complex. To setup a custom housing situation like this, you will need to call or email our business leasing team. Their direct number is 888-824-3522 or you can email them at

PET FRIENDLY HOUSING – Most of our housing is indeed pet friendly. The extent of the friendliness varies from complex to complex and building to building. At the end of the day, we have to honor the community rules. Most of our partners do have breed and size restrictions. If you have one of the “dangerous breeds”, you will need to reach out to a leasing agent and inform them of the situation so they can advise you on which properties will accommodate your pet.

UPSCALE EXECUTIVE HOUSING – We know Seattle, and we know there are a lot of executive level travelers coming and going frequently. We do have very upscale options that are sometimes not listed on the website as they don’t fit what our general website user is looking for. If you need an executive apartment, please contact leasing and advise them of the budget, size, and location you’re seeking. They will email you some options that meet your preferences.

CORPORATE HOUSING FOR INTERNS – With any big city comes a yearly flood of interns, usually during Spring and Summer months. Seattle is no different. Every year 1000’s of interns flood the city to work for the countless corporations that call Seattle home. If you are an intern seeking housing or an HR rep needing to setup housing for your incoming intern workforce, we can help.

BUSINESS LODGING – Seattle is home to 100’s of corporations, because of this there is an extremely high demand for housing from the business traveler community. Executives on assignment from one campus to another and back again, and they require upscale corporate housing across the city. This is our #1 specialty. Not only do we offer discounts for new business clients, we have over 50,000 furnished apartments across the country. This helps us arrange accommodation for you, regardless of where you need to be or where you will be going on your next assignment. Let us take the housing burden off your HR department and streamline it for you. Call our B2B leasing team at 888-824-3522 and see how we can help your company tackle housing logistics and save money.

Seattle Washington Overview

Seattle, Washington is a major seaport city on an isthmus Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Located north of Portland and south of Vancouver, it sits between Olympic National Park, Okanogan National Forest, Mount Rainier National Park and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It’s a lovely part of the country.

Seattle’s economy is a mix of old world and new world. A combination of shipping, manufacturing, transport, technology, design and service create a stable mix of employers and opportunities. All combine to provide a steady stream of opportunities in the city.

Corporate rentals in Seattle are mainly furnished apartments with some condos and townhomes thrown in. Most will be purpose-built developments while some will be in converted buildings.

Employment in Seattle

The Port of Seattle is a major local employer and the source of most of the shipping jobs in the city. A diverse mixture of other industries offer a wide range of opportunities to anyone living in the city.

Major employers in Seattle include Boeing, The Port of Seattle, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Microsoft, the University of Washington, Amazon, Providence Health & Services, Walmart, Weyerhaueser, Fred Meyer, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Expeditors International of Washington, Costco, Barrett Business Services, T-Mobile, Expedia Group, Alaska Airlines, Solstice Holdings Inc, Carrix, SSA Marine, Trident Seafoods, Windermere Real Estate and Paccar.

Medical centers in Seattle include Virginia Mason Medical Center, United General Hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center and Overlake Hospital Medical Center.

Getting around Seattle

If you arrive by air, you will likely use Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), 12 miles south of the city. You may also land at Paine Field (PAE) or Bellingham International Airport (BLI) but they are both a drive from Seattle.

Amtrak run services into King Street Station. This station also serves local services by King County Metro. Other rail services in Seattle include Link Light Rail, Seattle Streetcar and Seattle Center Monorail.

Buses from Greyhound, Boltbus, Cantrail/Amtrak Cascades Thruway, Northwestern Trailways, Travel Washington Dungeness Line and others all use King Street.

Ferries are also plentiful here allowing easy crossing of the Puget Sound. King County Water Taxi, Victoria Clipper and Washington State Ferries all run services.

Arrive by road from I-5 or I-90 while I 405 runs through the city. Local routes are plentiful but get very busy at rush hour.

Seattle life

Seattle is a vibrant and progressive city willing to accept new ideas and try new things. It has a vibrant arts and culture scene and lots to see and do while you’re here.

Neighborhoods in Seattle include Bainbridge, Bremerton, Ballard, Bellevue/Eastside, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Chinatown-International District, Columbia City, Downtown Seattle, Fremont, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne, SoDo & Georgetown, South Lake Union, University District, Wallingford, Green Lake & Phinney Ridge, Waterfront, West Seattle and Woodinville.

Things to see and do in Seattle include the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Museum of Pop Culture, Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Flight, the Seattle Great Wheel, Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific, Seattle Metaphysical Library, Museum of History and Industry, the Central Library, Seattle City Hall, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus, Gasworks Park and Carkeek Park.

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