Why Serviced Apartments are better than Private Rentals

One of the first things that pops in your head during relocation for work is where you will live. Entrepreneurs, who need to relocate for their job for a week or so only, have a tough decision to make namely whether they should go for a serviced apartment or private rental accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Difference between Service Apartments and Private Rental Accommodations

Both of these accommodation choices have pros and cons that you need to be aware of before picking one that suits your requirements. One of the key benefits of serviced apartments is that it has a support network that private rental accommodations do not have. These include Minot Temporary Housing - Blu (5)welcome hampers for the guests as they arrive. The items gifted are basic amenities that a new resident might need like eggs, milk, butter, bread, tea, coffee etc. These play a great role in ensuring you settle in as soon as you arrive thus saving time.

Apartment staff in serviced apartments can offer tips on where you can get the best shopping done and which diners have the best food. This will make you feel right at home immediately. Relocation for work can be disorienting if it’s the first time you were required to do it after all. Private rental accommodations on the other hand, do not possess staff at all. You will be completely on your own there.

If you do not know your way round town then the support service apartment staff can give you will prove to be invaluable. This will help you find your way in a new environment that much quicker. You will be even more grateful for their support if you aren’t familiar with the local language. You may know a few words or phrases, but it won’t beat their flawless tongue. The daily maid service is also something to look forward to. Private accommodations will require you to look for a local maid yourself. This will be dangerous, especially if your apartment is in a seedy part of town.

Even if you do manage to find a trustworthy maid, what will you do for general maintenance? Service apartments offer in-house maintenance though. If your television breaks down or your electricity gets cut off due to a faulty fire, the in-house handy man will come knocking at your door as soon as you call him. Besides this, a private rental apartment will also prove to be more expensive than its service counterpart. Not only will you be required to pay a utility tax, but a council tax will also liable to payment. That’s besides your rent money!

Relocation for work can be tricky and expensive especially when it comes to finding the best place to live. Stick to service apartments for a hassle free and comfortable stay and your work will not suffer. Private rental apartments may look sophisticated, but you will be the one suffering when those bills come in at the end of the month.

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The service and customer service has been excellent. They make the relocation transition for our new hires painless and treats them with respect. Have received wonderful compliments from our new hires on their experience with TH Account Manager from beginning to end from relocating from previous location to new location. Communication is Excellent!

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