Company Overview

Blu Corporate Housing by Travelers Haven is a company on the move. As a specialist in rented accommodation and corporate housing, we have been making waves in real estate since 2006.

Having recently made the Inc. 500 list, we are finally getting the recognition we had hoped for providing an excellent service at an excellent price.

The Company


Blu Corporate Housing is a private company, owned by Travelers Haven. The company was formed after spending some years selling property and noticing a gap in the market where he could make use of empty property and offer a valuable service to those working away from home.

We began life as a two-man operation in Denver and have grown steadily to the 100+ people we currently employ. Each is an achiever who believes happy clients are the avenue to success and do everything they can to ensure it happens.

We have established a market reach of over 50 states and 5000 cities and are still working hard to increase it all the time. We make sure our rate of growth is sustainable and informed while maintaining our exceptional standards.

How We Work

We offer a very high standard of property at a very reasonable rate. By specializing in the over 30 day rental market, we can secure excellent property and drive the price down significantly.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also provide administrative assistance that covers everything from arranging cable to maid or grocery services. Our aim is to deliver the kind of service that means our clients just need to turn up and move in, we handle the rest.

So far it seems to be going entirely to plan. We have the people and the contacts to arrange just about everything, anywhere, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’re getting means we are getting things right.

That doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels and becoming complacent. Far from it, a business that stays still doesn’t last long. We are constantly refining our offering, training, re-training and seeing what else we can do to make life away from home that little bit easier.

Measuring Success

Unlike many other businesses, we don’t rely on shareholders or Wall Street to tell us how well we’re doing. We only care about what our clients think. That’s why Blu Corporate Housing by Travelers Haven undertakes regular customer feedback surveys, to ensure we are delivering the service we promised.

We listen to our customers and use a range of analytical tools to gauge our service, acquire feedback, and refine the service. Nothing less will do!

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