In an ideal house move you could sell your current property, or move out of your rental immediately and find a new place right away. As we all know, it doesn’t always happen that way. You could easily find yourself in-between homes while you sell up, look for a new home, rental, or decide where to settle. The housing options for this in-between period were either a hotel or a buddy’s spare room or worse, the sofa. Fortunately, the market has moved on and there are now a range of short-term housing options for anyone who is temporarily displaced.

Short-term housing or corporate rentals as they are sometimes called, serve the housing needs of many families. They combine the comforts of home with the flexibility and convenience of a hotel. These furnished properties are available on a flexible lease from 30 days onwards and represent value for money for the longer stay.

Many of these short-term housing solutions are professionally managed, of a high quality and in some nice areas. Many are used by company executives while working away from home, so will be nice places to live with many of the creature comforts you’re used to, or would like to become used to.MAP_2-768x454

Convenient Short-term Housing

They are also ready for you to move in. No decorating, buying furniture to fit, buying crockery and all the sundries would usually need when moving into a new place. These short-term housing solutions offer furnishings, plates, cutlery, linens, electronics, a washer/dryer, and connected utilities and are larger than the typical hotel or extended stay hotel room.

A short-term housing solution is a great way to explore a new city, move somewhere new, have somewhere nice to stay while your home is being upgraded, refurbished or repaired, are seconded somewhere other than home, or need off-base housing if you’re in the military.

By its very nature, corporate housing is designed to be easy to find, simple to arrange and straightforward to manage. In most cases, internet, cable, telephone and services will already be installed and working. Sometimes they are included in the rent to keep things simple.

Some short-term housing will accept pets, others won’t. If you have animals, it’s sensible to mention it when you secure your new temporary home. Many will also offer extra services such as maid, laundry and grocery deliveries. As the original purpose for these types of accommodation was to help executives work away from home, you could feasibly ask for anything and it will be provided, for a price.

Furnished apartments and corporate rentals are a viable choice for anyone needing short-term housing. Whether you’re exploring a new city, taking a job somewhere away from home, working away for extended periods of time or want to live off-base, short-term housing is a very viable option.

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