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Our Furnished Corporate Housing in Anchorage

Utilities, TV, High-Speed Internet, Linens, & Kitchenware Included!

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1 Month Lease – call for rates
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3 Months or Longer – $80 /night

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Corporate housing is one of the few growth sectors in the real estate market and for good reason. It offers great value for money and actually gives you more for less, which few other markets can offer.

Corporate housing allows companies to enjoy all the benefits of a mobile workforce without the expense of hotel rooms. For those companies who have people away for stays of 30 days or more, you could see an average cost saving of around 50%!

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is an umbrella term for any furnished rental used by business to house staff while away from home. It doesn’t have to be a house, it could be an apartment, condo, studio or town house.

Corporate housing is of a much higher quality than a standard rental. Landlords know corporate clients pay more, but expect more in return. That means the standard of decoration, fixtures and fittings and services will all be of a high quality.

Those services can be in the form of internet, cable TV or services such as groceries, cleaning or a maid. Whatever your company needs to get the job done, we can arrange.

The Benefits of Corporate Housing

There are three main advantages of corporate housing, cost, quality and freedom. The first two are easy to quantify, the last, not so much, but no less important.

Cost. The average corporate rental for a stay of 30 days or more will be around 50% cheaper than a comparable hotel room. That is a significant cost saving that no business should ignore. Add multiple occupancy to that and the savings increase exponentially.

Quality. As mentioned, the average corporate rental is of a much higher standard than an average apartment. They will be in nicer areas, nicer buildings, enjoy high quality fixtures and fittings and come with most modern conveniences.

Freedom. The idea of having to spend a month or more in a hotel room isn’t something that excites most people, unless it’s on vacation. Offer them the freedom to eat when and where they like, invite guests over, entertain, come and go as they please and give them none of the restrictions of a hotel and they reward you with increased productivity, morale and loyalty.

These three reasons for using corporate housing are compelling ones. If your business operates with people away from home, they are definitely something to consider. The cost savings alone make sense, add a higher standard of living and all the comforts of home and the argument is all but won.

Corporate housing works because it offers a home away from home for those who work away. It offers more for less, offers the freedom staff need to express themselves and remain content outside of work and is much more sustainable than a hotel room.

If you need corporate housing for any reason, anywhere, fill in the form and leave the rest to us!

Blu Corporate Housing
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The service and customer service has been excellent. They make the relocation transition for our new hires painless and treats them with respect. Have received wonderful compliments from our new hires on their experience with TH Account Manager from beginning to end from relocating from previous location to new location. Communication is Excellent!

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