Blu Corporate Housing is a temporary housing specialist that offers the highest quality furnished apartments to families, companies and organizations across the country. We work with landlords and clients to deliver the best accommodation you can find at a price that’s right.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to move your family, or need somewhere to house staff, a furnished apartment is the accommodation of choice for savvy renters. Obvious benefits of a furnished apartment over a hotel include:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Amenities
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Cost is probably the most important benefit of using furnished apartments. The average Blu apartment is larger, yet cheaper than an equivalent hotel room for a stay of 30 days or more. On average, clients save around 50% over a hotel, without having to compromise a thing.

In an economy where every dollar counts, that’s more important than ever. Why spend more money on less? Why spend over the odds to live in a box when you don’t have to?


While hotels are undoubtedly good at what they do, you can get more for less elsewhere. The average furnished apartment is of a much higher quality than the average hotel room and average apartment.

Corporate landlords know their tenants expect more, so deliver it. Most furnished apartments we deal with are in good buildings, in downtown, or other nice locations and have all the comforts of home.


Hotels are great for when you’re on vacation for a week, but get very old very fast for longer than that. You have to eat within a given time and only what’s on the menu. You’re restricted as to who you can have visit, what you can do and where in the building you can go.

Not so with a furnished apartment. You can live exactly how you want and do what you want when you want, just like at home. This flexibility makes all the difference to your mental state and wellbeing. We value our freedom more than anything else in this world. Why compromise it when you don’t have to?


While many hotels have gyms, pools, cable TV, laundry services and the like, they all cost money. A furnished apartment will have some or all of those and be included in the price. Most corporate apartments have internet and cable already set up, will include laundry facilities and may also have a gym or pool.

The difference is, you can use them when you like, how you like.

Furnished apartments have a wide array of advantages over a hotel room when you’re staying somewhere for longer periods of time. Not only do they offer more but they cost less. It isn’t often that such things happen, so you should take advantage of them at every opportunity!

If you’re looking for high quality furnished apartments, Blu reps are here to help. Call us, or fill in the form and leave the rest to us!

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