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Fully Furnished Corporate Housing in Phoenix

Utilities, TV, High-Speed Internet, Linens, & Kitchenware Included!

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3 Months or Longer – from $85/night

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Phoenix is a large city in the heat of Arizona. Home to over 1.5 million people, it’s desert location makes for hot dry summers and mild winters. Perfect for those who love living outdoors and who don’t mind a little sun on their face.


Phoenix was originally home to the Hohokan Native American tribe. They dug 135 miles of canals to make the land viable and settled the area extensively. It wasn’t until the mid-1850s that the white man came. That man was Jack Swilling, an ex-Confederate soldier heading west after the war.

When he came across Hohokan ruins and the old canals, he knew that he could make something of the area and began planning the community around them. New canals were built over the old ones and the community of Pumpkinville was founded nearby. After various name changes, the locals settled on Phoenix to signify a new city rising from the ruins of the old. The name stuck.

As the settlement grew a new town was planned and built. Where downtown is now is where that town first began. Steady growth and the success of the canal system ensured the survival of the town, which grew steadily throughout the 19th and 20th century. Phoenix hasn’t had the profile of many American cities.There is no one big industry, no big cultural events or huge influences. That’s a good thing as far as we’re concerned. We have been allowed to grow and prosper naturally, making use of what we have around us and what the railroad brought to us and took away. Cotton, crops, copper and cattle are our main produce and has been for a hundred years or more.


The desert climate isn’t for the faint hearted but is incredibly rewarding if you can cope with it. We have the hottest summers of any city in the country and very mild winters. There is no spring or fall to speak of. The average summer temperature exceeds 100F for 110 days of the year. Nights are cool to cold, typical of desert regions.


If you fly to Phoenix, you’ll probably land at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. It is our main airport and where most airlines operate from. We also have Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Phoenix Deer Valley Airport.

We have no railway service into and out of the city here thanks to disputes between the Arizona Department of Transportation, the Union Pacific Railroad, and Amtrak. There is light rail around the city, Valley Metro, which serves commuters and those wanting to stay in the city limits. We don’t have a central bus station either, but we do have bus services run by AmtrakGreyhoundArizona Shuttle and others.

The car is our main form of transport, the only convenient one really. The city uses the traditional grid system and has a wide selection of highways bisecting and surrounding the city. If you want to explore anywhere outside the city center, you’re going to need a car to do it.

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The service and customer service has been excellent. They make the relocation transition for our new hires painless and treats them with respect. Have received wonderful compliments from our new hires on their experience with TH Account Manager from beginning to end from relocating from previous location to new location. Communication is Excellent!

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