Looking for corporate housing in Phoenix? You’re in the right place. Blu Corporate Housing are furnished property experts and are ready and willing to help you find your next home away from home.

Corporate housing is ideal for companies who do business away from home. That can be anything from project managers working in another state, insurance assessors at a new facility, company relocations or a multitude of other reasons. Whatever your needs, wherever you need to Blu Corporate Housing (8)stay, Blu delivers.

There are many benefits to using corporate housing over a hotel room. Here are just a few.

  • Cost
  • Space
  • Convenience
  • Freedom

In challenging economic times, businesses are forced to find extra value in every proposition. Finding places for your people to stay is no exception. Budgets are tight, so you need a partner who can find great accommodation at great prices. That’s Blu Corporate Housing.

Working with us means you can achieve cost savings of over 50% over a hotel room if you stay for 30 days or more. Add longer stays and multiple occupants to the math and you’re looking at substantial cost savings while actually receiving more.


Hotel rooms are great for a vacation or weekend away, but spend any length of time in one and the shine soon wears off. If you’re likely to need to entertain, a hotel isn’t the answer. A furnished apartment on the other hand might be perfect.Blu Corporate Housing (27)

Need to accommodate more than one? A furnished apartment from Blu LLC is even more convenient! Rent a multi-roomed apartment to accommodation one or more guests and you can save even more money while still offering plenty of living and entertaining space.


For some, the regimented routine of a hotel room is soothing. Eat at a certain time, from a fixed menu, rooms get cleaned at a certain time and the average turn down service is like clockwork. However, all that gets old after a couple of days.

Rent a furnished apartment in Phoenix from Blu Corporate Housing and you can eat when you want, when you want, how you want.


Freedom is a word that is very dear to our hearts, yet is a concept that we are gradually surrendering. Corporate housing offers the freedom and flexibility you need while you’re away from home.

You can enjoy the privacy of your own space, the ability to entertain and the freedom to come and go and eat and drink as you please. If you work shifts, or odds hours you can stay in bed late without being woken up by the room next door.

Corporate housing is the perfect balance between value and cost. When you’re staying away for four weeks or more, there is no cheaper rented accommodation around. If you need high quality, low cost corporate housing in Phoenix or anywhere, contact Blu today!

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