There are literally thousands of different attractions in and around San Francisco. We have everything from art galleries, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island to working fishing boats and street trolleys. Our world is as diverse as it is interesting and we are all the richer for it.

Here are just a few attractions in San Francisco.


The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and dominates our skyline. It’s a living monument and every visitor to San Francisco should walk it’s length or take a guided tour run by an enthusiastic team of knowledgeable people. Experience the early morning mist or sunset from this amazing bridge.


Alcatraz Island is probably our second most famous export. Not only famous for what it is, but for who was a guest there. Al Capone was a resident there for a while, as were some of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century. Guided tours are run in the evening or you can wander yourself during the day.


Fisherman’s Wharf has some of the best seafood you’re likely to find anywhere and the vast majority of it is landed right here. There are working fishermen, seafood restaurants, shopping, museums and entertainments galore here, making it one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city.


Chinatown is simply amazing. It’s a cacophony of noise, people, red and smoke and has to be seen to be believed. There is nowhere outside of Asia that looks and feels as authentic as here. Eat great food, explore Chinese stores and soak up that atmosphere for as long as you can.


Lombard Street is the windy street seen in many a movie. Even though there isn’t actually that much to see, it’s a big draw for visitors because of its movie heritage. Stand at the bottom looking up for the best photo opportunities.


Another famous landmark are our famous San Francisco Street Trolleys. Again, featured in many movies and TV episodes, these trolleys are working public transport that you can catch at various points in the city. Sit on the wooden bench or hang on to a railing, depending on how brave you feel at the time.


Coit Tower offers some of the best views of the city from the 210 foot tower built in 1933. Take the elevator to the top and see views of San Francisco you would never get anywhere else. As long as you don’t mind heights, this is a must-see!

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