Blu Corporate Housing is an industry-leader in corporate rentals, furnished apartments, college housing, vacation rentals and any kind of rented property you can think of. If you want to experience the best that San Francisco has to offer while staying in a high quality furnished rental  that won’t break the bank, you need us.CORPORATE APARTMENT LISTINGS

At Blu, we work exceptionally hard to ensure every property we have is the best on the market. San Francisco has a lot of rented accommodation, some of it good, some of it not so good. We use our experience and local knowledge to ensure everything we provide is the cream of the crop.


Our team makes great efforts to understand the unique needs of every client. We listen to your needs and ensure the properties we suggest all of your requirements. We specialize in providing rental properties for periods of one month or more.

Anyone who has spent longer than a few days in a hotel room knows that it gets old fast. Room service is great for a while, but when you’re bored of the same dull food, the same four walls and being copped up in a small space, it’s time for a change. The answer to that desire is a furnished apartment from Blu.

Furnished accommodation from Blu:
  • Is cheaper than most hotel rooms for the same period
  • Offers more space and much more freedom
  • Avoids all the downsides of living in a single room for weeks on end
  • Allows you to prepare your own food, and not pay extortionate prices for it

So what are you waiting for? Choose Blu the next time you’re away, or when you have to send staff around the country to perform their work.

Using a furnished apartment not only saves you money, it’s also better for morale, motivation and productivity. What says “we value you” more than a nice, furnished apartment? The fact that is costs much less is just a bonus!

Blu are here for those people who want something a little different. For those who want real value for money and who recognize a good thing when they see it. Blu is all of those things, and so is every property we feature.

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