Furnished apartments are making a comeback, not only in Denver but across the country. What seemed to have disappeared for a while now seems to be making a resurgence.CORPORATE APARTMENT LISTINGS

For a while, during the 80s and 90s, we would take our lives everywhere in the back of a car or U-Haul and deposit it at our next destination of choice. In the last few years though, furnished apartments are making a comeback.

There are a number of benefits of renting furnished apartments, they include:

  • Ease of moving
  • Ecological responsibility
  • Freedom
  • The easy life
Ease of Moving Home

Ask anyone who rents or owns a house how they feel about moving and it’s almost guaranteed to be a negative one. Moving is hard work, especially if you have a family. The main benefit of renting furnished apartments in Denver is that you don’t have to move furniture.

If it’s all there, all you need to bring are your clothes, personal items and yourself. That’s it. The best thing about moving into a rentals with furniture is that you don’t have to move yours!

Ecological Responsibility

While certainly not a primary motivator in choosing furnished rentals, it’s a useful byproduct that does it’s bit to save the planet.

Corporate Apartment Portland - Blu Inc (5)Moving home inevitably results in waste. Old things you no longer use, furniture that is too old and decrepit to move, or won’t fit, and items you think you no longer need. Add to that, the people leaving the home you’re moving into and you double the potential waste involved in a move.

Add to all that the potential resources, and cash you’re saving by not having to buy new furniture and you have a significant saving of resources, whether that’s money or materials.


The freedoms involved in furnished rentals are many. You’re not tied to anywhere because you can’t move your furniture, it’s easy to try new places for a period of time before moving on, you can choose to live anywhere in the world with just a suitcase and you can come and go as you please.

Freedom is a very undervalued privilege and one we encourage all tenants to appreciate. Our lives are so regimented by work, laws, government and commitments that we should all embrace those little freedoms when we can.

The Easy Life

Living the easy life does not equate to being lazy. The two are very mutually exclusive. Furnished rentals allow you the easy life by not forcing you to move furniture, not having to decorate, maintain the property and makes moving a breeze.

You don’t have to buy furniture, you don’t have to pay movers, you’re not stuck in one place for ever and you can move around as you see fit. As long as you can find work in your new city, what’s stopping you?

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