Vacation rentals in Denver are a great way to explore the city and enjoy a little more freedom and space for your money. The vacation rentals themselves come in all shapes and sizes. It’s one of the things that make them so successful, well that and the price.

On average, a Blu Corporate Housing rental is 52 percent cheaper than a hotel!denver (1)

Types of Denver Vacation Rental

The type of property that makes up the average Denver vacation rental can be anything from a furnished apartment to an estate home. As many of them are private properties spread around the area, the size and composition varies greatly.

For example, a downtown Denver vacation rental is likely to be a furnished apartment or townhouse because that’s the predominant property in the area. Head outside the city and you could get a single family home, or further still for a luxury or estate home. The property you get depends on where you want to stay and how much you want to spend.

Why Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel?

Hotels are great. You’re waited on, service is only a phone call away, you don’t have to cook, clean, do the laundry or carry your own bags, so why would you choose a vacation rental?

As we mentioned already, the average vacation rentals is 52 percent cheaper than a comparable hotel room for stays of 30 days or more. So the cost saving is one benefit. The other benefits are more space, more choice, more freedom and more value.

An average vacation apartment is going to have much more space than a hotel room and cost much less too. You can choose from a wide variety of vacation rentals, from apartments to houses, meaning you can tailor the vacation completely to your needs.Corporate Apartment Portland - Blu Inc (5)

More freedom means you can eat when you please, not within a given window. You can eat what you want, you just have to cook it yourself. You can come and go as you please, invite friends over to stay and generally vacation how you want.

Value speaks for itself, a vacation rental is cheaper, you can have multiple occupants without paying extra, you can stay for as long as you like and you get much more space to live in.

Benefits of Finding a Denver Vacation Rental Through Blu

One of the biggest fears many of our clients have cited is referred to as SNAD, Significantly Not As Described. That nightmare of thinking you have booked a high quality vacation rental in Denver only to arrive to see a fleapit you wouldn’t even keep animals in.

Working with a company such as us avoids all that. Blu Corporate Housing only selects the best rentals and will only work with reliable landlords. We can imagine how heartbreaking it would be to have a well-earned vacation ruined like that, so do everything we can to make sure it never happens.

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