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Kansas City, Missouri, or KC to us is a Midwestern city that has a lot of influences as well as a rich entertainment and arts influence. If you’re moving, working or visiting here, you’re going to find a lively, vibrant city with a lot to offer.right-banner

In order to help you decide what to see and do, we have put together a quick list of the top things you should try while you’re here. We hope it helps.


The National World War I Museum is one of the best museums of its type anywhere in the world. With hundreds of exhibits and interactive displays, the museum seeks to celebrate the sacrifice made by so many Americans and to educate future generations on the cost of war. It is an amazing place to visit.


Westport is our shopping district that has an awful lot to offer. Most venues are owned by locals and offer a real taste of what KC is all about. There are stores, boutiques, restaurants bars, clubs and a whole range of things to do here. It’s open day and night and is always ready to welcome new visitors.


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a huge collection of exhibits spanning over 5000 years and every art period there is. Set in 22 acres of grounds, the museum houses some of the best works of art around and is free to enter, which is even better. Set aside at least 3 hours to do this place justice.


The Steamboat Arabia Museum is a museum dedicated to a single steamboat, the Arabia that plied the Missouri river during the 19th century. The museum features a rebuilt Arabia, plus general store, cargo gallery and a taste of river life as it was during the 1860s.


The Boulevard Brewing Company is one for the gown ups. The company is our local brewer of beers that offers guided tours of the plant and best of all, a tasting session at the end. The tour guides are knowledgeable and it seems all of the staff are friendly and approachable too.


Country Club Plaza is another place locals come to shop, eat, drink and be merry. Unlike Westport, this area is main brands and chain stores. That doesn’t detract from the appeal, far from it, but it doesn’t have the originality that Westport does. However, it’s still a great place to come shopping.


Kauffman Stadium is the home of the Kansas City Royals, our Major League Baseball team. It’s a great place to soak up the atmosphere and watch a game. The stadium also offers tours which is a great way to learn all about the team, the city and the stadium.


Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and is home to people from all over the world. We’re a river city, built in the meeting between the Kansas and Missouri rivers. We work hard, treat each other well and enjoy a high standard of living compared to many other cities.

History of Kansas City

The meeting of two rivers was always going to be a good place to build a settlement and that’s how Kansas City began back in 1821. This wasn’t the first habitation of the area though. The French had surveyed it, the Spanish owned it but never settled it and Lewis and Clark surveyed it and noted that it would be a good place for a settlement.

In 1821 Frenchman François Chouteau established Chouteau’s Landing to help trade furs up and down the two rivers. A Mormon settlement was founded in 1831 on what is now the main city. They built a school and began cultivating the area but were forced out in 1833 leaving the area empty.

The same year, John McCoy founded West Port and West Port Landing. The Kansas Town Company was formed to settled and manage the area, which would be called Kansas in 1850. The settlement was an important stopping off point for westward expansion, securing its survival and providing much-needed trade and immigration for its early life.

After the Civil War, Kansa City grew rapidly, thanks to the arrival of the railroad and the building of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Bridge. From those very early days, the design of the city included wide boulevards and parks, which still remains today. It is a very French theme, but works well to enhance the quality of life of all who live here.

The location of the city and the availability of viable agricultural land has provided a stable economic base for the city and assured its success at all times through its history. The modern city includes a huge array of modern business, including some headquarters of major companies.

The Climate

Being in the center of the Midwest, we have a continental humid climate. That means we have four distinct seasons, with wet spring, hot humid summers, cool falls and cold winters. We’re also in Tornado Alley which can make things a little exciting at times. Although most areas of the city are well used to these phenomenon.

Getting Around Kansas City

You’re likely to land at Kansas City International Airport if you arrive by air, although we also have Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport too. The airport has many national carriers stopping here, ensuring we are connected to just about anywhere that is anywhere.

Amtrak runs services through KC too, with the Southwest Chief running from Chicago to Los Angeles and the Missouri River Runner running from St. Louis to Chicago. We also have a local commuter service. Buses are provided by Greyhound and Megabus, while a number of smaller carriers stop here daily.

I-435 runs around the city, the I-70 runs to St. Louis and the I-35 takes you to Denver. Highway 71 runs north to south through the city too. Getting around by car is okay apart from rush hour as you would expect.

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