How to maintain relationships while travelling on business

If you find yourself traveling a lot for business, you typically have two options. Take your partner with you when you travel or learn to maintain long distance relationships. If you use our sumptuous corporate rentals, bringing someone with you is simple. Our properties are spacious, fully equipped and offer top class accommodation in hundreds of cities across the country.

If you cannot bring your significant other with you, things become more difficult. Fortunately, our team has decades of experience traveling on business at various stages of their careers. We have all maintained long distance relationships at one point or another and have some essential tips for making the most of working away from home.

Be open

Communication is key in any relationship but is even more important when spending long periods apart. Being open and honest about feelings, thoughts, attitude towards travel and the impending time apart is a key part of making the most of it. Being realistic and talking frankly about how it will affect both of you, how you will spend your time and various coping mechanisms will help create trust and a firm base to build on.

Use your calendar

Your calendar is a very important resource. Not just for work but for home life too. Knowing and communicating the start and end date is vital in maintaining relations. Setting specific times and days to call or video call and setting them in the calendar is another important step. It demonstrates to both parties that keeping in touch is a priority and that you will both make sure it happens. Sharing that calendar is a small step too.

Do the same thing separately

Depending on time zones and practicality, doing the same thing at the same time is a useful way to maintain parity. For example, if you usually run together before work, do the same thing. If you both like to curl up on the sofa and binge watch Netflix, do the same thing. Not only will it help you feel closer to your significant other, it also provides more things to talk about when you call.

The power of surprise

Not everyone likes surprises, but if your partner is okay with them, use that to your advantage. Send a postcard from the city you’re working in. Send surprise flowers or chocolates with a ‘thinking of you’ message. Buy and send a local delicacy or small gift that the city is known for. All help to remind your partner that just because you are apart, you are still thinking of them.

Make the effort

All relationships of all types require effort and investment and none more so than long distance relationships. Business travel can takes its toll in a number of ways so requires significant time and effort to overcome that toll. Efforts can range from calling when you say you will call, spending more time sending messages of love or reassurance, showing the other that you care and communicating clearly that distance means nothing.

Be in the moment

Our final piece of advice for maintaining relationships during business travel is to be in the moment while at home. It is tempting to go back to a routine and do your own thing but it will benefit both of you if you make sure you are present in the moment, focus on your partner and make them feel valued and loved while you are with them. The bonds you strengthen while at home will sustain you while apart so is an essential part of preparing for your business trip.

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