Corporate housing in Baltimore can be anything from a downtown apartment, town house to a luxury home in the suburbs. Whatever you need, whatever your budget, we deliver.

Corporate housing provides a platform for business to widen their market reach and operate outside their home city. They are ideal for staff who work away from home, or travel as part of their job. With average cost savings of over 50 percent on stays of 30 days or more, they make financial sense too.

The Benefits of Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is one of the few growth areas in our beleaguered real estate market and for good reason. It has a number of very tangible benefits, including:Blu Corporate Housing (7)

  • Value
  • Space
  • Convenience
  • Freedom

Value is more important now than ever before. Budgets are tight, margins tighter still and businesses and individual rightly want value for money. While hotels offer a lot for the money, it it’s value you’re after, a corporate rental is what you need.

At around half the cost of a comparable hotel room, you get all the benefits of an apartment.


Leading on from value, in a corporate rental, you get enough space than you could feasibly use. Instead of a hotel room, you get an entire apartment or house. That means multiple bedrooms, possibly entertaining spaces, shared amenities, a living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Enough space to breath and enough space to prevent going stir crazy when you’re staying there for weeks at a time. This not only benefits your lifestyle, but your mental wellbeing too. Those four walls of a hotel room soon begin closing in once the novelty has worn off!


Secure a corporate rental from Blu Corporate Housing and get all the convenience you need. No more eating at set times, from a set menu. No more having to share amenities with other hotel guests, having to vacate your room for housekeeping or not being able to entertain.


Corporate housing has all the benefits of home while you’re away. Eat when you like, what you like. Enjoy the privacy of your own apartment or house and entertain who and when you like. All at a surprisingly low cost.

If you work odd hours, like to sleep in late, stay in bed all day at the weekend, a hotel isn’t for you. In fact, if you don’t live in a conventional way, at conventional times, you’re going to find a hotel quite a challenge.

Corporate housing offers all the freedoms of living at home in any city in the country. Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re there!

If you need high quality, low cost corporate housing anywhere in the country, contact Blu Corporate Housing today!

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