About Us

Blu Corporate Housing is a subsidiary of Travelers Haven. Originally, Travelers Haven started out as a temporary housing company who catered mainly to the healthcare industry. As the company grew, so did the various types of clients and housing requests, thus a new company with more diverse housing options was born to meet our clients needs.

Blu has housing options available in not only Minot, but many other popular towns in the oil fields. We offer fully furnished apartments, homes, and mobile homes where apartments are not available. We will save you and your company up to 50% of what you’d pay at hotels and extended stays.

Need housing for multiple workers or crews? Not a problem, we can give you a custom quote with even deeper discounts for multiple rentals.

Because of the high frequency of move-ins and move-outs, the best way to find out exactly what we have currently available is to call us or use the contact form on the contact page. Simply give us some basic details such as specific location, duration of your stay, and how many people need housing. We can then see what we have available for your requested time frame and send you the various options and pricing via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum length lease Blu allows?

A: Currently we require a one month or longer lease. We may do weekly or even daily rentals in the future.


Q: What if I only need a place for two weeks? Can you help?

A: Yes, and no. What we would do in this case is bill you for a one month stay and just average it in to your two week price. This is actually a fairly common situation, especially for oil field workers who may need to visit a job site for only a couple weeks before going back to corporate headquarters. We will work with you as best we can on price.


Q: Are your rentals pet friendly?

A: Some are, some are not. It depends on the area you need to be in and what housing options we have there. Sometimes, like you, we are at the mercy of the apartment complex or homeowner where we hold our leases. If they don’t allow pets, there isn’t much we can do about it. However, if the homeowner or complex is pet friendly, we certainly never stand in the way of that.


Q: Will Blu Corporate Housing do custom furniture setups?

A: Yes, another common request for North Dakota temporary apartments is that we add twin beds to bedrooms, or even put some twin beds in living rooms so that the company can fit as many people as possible into a living space. Please note, much like the pet question above, this is dependent on the homeowner or complex we hold our leases with. Some places will not allow us to do this and set a maximum occupancy rate per apartment.

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