Temporary Housing vs Hotels

Is Corporate Temporary Housing Just a Long Stay Hotel Room?

While both corporate rentals and long stay hotel rooms offer the same functionality, they are very different beasts. These two types of lodging both offer longer term accommodation, but that’s where the similarity ends. Let’s discuss it in a little more detail.v1

Corporate rentals are almost a home from home. They comprise mainly of furnished apartments but can include single family homes or even estate homes for those higher up the company chain. They offer much more square footage than a hotel room and everything you would expect at your real home.

A corporate property can be likened more to temporary accommodation than a hotel full of transients. It’s a place much like home, with kitchens, living rooms, a bedroom and all the amenities you would expect. You have the freedom to walk around the space, have people over and you don’t have to use your bed as a dining table, desk and sofa.

A long stay hotel room is just a hotel room you stay in for longer. It’s no bigger than a standard room, doesn’t have any more facilities, or is any homelier. The only difference between a long stay room and a standard room is the time you spend in it.

Hotels are full of transient people by their very nature. This isn’t a problem until you’re staying there for a few weeks at a time and yearn for human contact. Hotel employees are friendly and usually approachable, but are remote. They are trained to not make personal contacts with people they may never see again.

The main difference between corporate rentals and long term hotel stays is how it makes the employee feel. Hotel rooms are great when you’re on vacation. Then they are just a base to shower and sleep while you enjoy a holiday. When used for work, they don’t have quite the same allure.

Being caged in a single room night after night soon gets old, and begins to take a toll on the employee. Having to use the bed for everything, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a desk or table is also a pain. If you have room service, the room then smells like the food you ate and you have nowhere to go for respite.

On the other hand, a corporate rental has everything you need and are used to at home. A furnished apartment is a furnished apartment, wherever you may be and whoever owns it. Sure the taste may be different, but the feeling is the same. The extra space and feeling of home works wonders for the morale and productivity of the person living in it.

Best of all, on the whole, corporate rentals are cheaper than hotel rooms. Not only to they offer more, they cost much less. It isn’t often you have a win-win situation, but this is one of them. This is why the corporate housing market isn’t as depressed as the rest of the real estate industry. While it still offers value for money, it will still remain a popular choice.

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