Top tips for sleeping on a plane.

Nothing identifies a business traveler faster than that half zombie look after a redeye flight across the country. The shambling walk through the airport with phone in hand checking emails and listening to voicemail. The rush to get the luggage and get a taxi so they are not late for their meeting. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you get some sleep on the plane you can arrive fresh and ready to go.

We’re not going to pretend it is easy to sleep on a flight because it isn’t. However, with a few tricks, we can increase the chances of getting some quality sleep and arrive at the destination fresher than you have any right to be after a long flight. Not only to we deliver first rate corporate apartments for you to use while working away, we also provide essential tips for your entire business travel experience!

Here are some of our top tips for sleeping on a plane.

Choose a side

Unless your company is unusually generous and is willing to pay for first class, you are going to have to learn to sleep somewhat upright. But what side do you sleep on when you’re at home? Do you sleep on the right side of the bed? On your right side or left? Think for a moment about how you sleep at home and then choose the corresponding side on the plane.

If you sleep on your right side at home, choose a seat on the right of the plane. That way, you can (sort of) get a familiar position on the flight which can seriously help you sleep. Windows seats also give you more scope to find a comfortable position. Select your seat carefully and it could make all the difference.

Careful with the blanket

It may be tempting to snuggle up under the airplane blanket to keep warm but we would suggest not doing that. Those blankets are used hundreds of times by hundreds of different people and are a haven for bacteria. You are much better off using the blanket as lumbar support or rolled up and placed under your knees to help circulation than you are using it to keep warm.


Two essential accessories are suggested by almost everyone that travels a lot on business. A baseball cap and earbuds. A baseball cap not only looks cool but is also very effective at blocking out light. It also provides an element of privacy when you pull the cap down so the bill covers your eyes. Pop in a pair of clean earbuds, set that blanket under your knees or lower back and you’re ready to sleep.

Avoid alcohol and sleep meds

Some people swear by a couple of drinks or a pill to help them sleep but we avoid that wherever possible. Your body is going through enough as it is without making it work harder by processing alcohol or medication. Some medication and certainly all alcohol will make you groggy rather than sleepy up to and including arrival. You’re going to be tired anyway but it is better to arrive with nothing in your system. Plus, we all know the quality of sleep you get after a couple of drinks is never good!

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