Roanoke is a small city nestled beside the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. It’s an idyllic location near the river Roanoke and near to everything. Thanks to excellent transport links, the city has a bustling business and leisure environment making it a great place to live work and play.

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The employment sector in Roanoke is lively and relies on traditional industries as well as healthcare, education and banking to provide employment. There are also a range of vineyards, retail and transport industries that provide employment to residents.

As a transport hub, the postal service, freight and transport also have a presence here. The city is easy to get to and commute within, making it the ideal place to do business.

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The Blue Mountains and the city’s dedication for providing a rounded living and working environment for its residents and visitors means there are plenty of arts, culture and entertainment options for everyone in Roanoke.

Thanks to the railway, the city grew into what it is today. To make that respect, there are railway museums and attractions around the city to explore the past and marvel at marvels of engineering.

Atlas maintain a presence here because of the demand for high quality, low cost corporate rentals and furnished accommodation. With the economic recovery underway, we value the contribution Roanoke is putting towards that recovery. We are happy to serve the city, it’s businesses and its people.

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