Corporate Housing in Downtown Washington D.C.

Utilities, TV, High-Speed Internet, Linens, & Kitchenware Included in Every Rental!

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Blu Corporate Housing is a furnished rentals specialist with a long track record in Washington D.C. We have been serving the district for years and consistently offer the highest quality rentals at the most competitive prices.

We provide the accommodation to enable our administration to work efficiently, safely and without fear. We provide the quality you deserve at a price that’s right. We don’t just provide accommodation in Washington D.C., we have a presence in over 5000 cities across the country, in 50 states. There isn’t much we can’t find.

Blu Corporate Housing provides:
Corporate Housing

As the name implies, Blu Corporate Housing is a corporate housing specialist that excels in finding the highest standards of furnished accommodation. If you’re looking for long or short-term rented accommodation in Washington D.C. we’re the guys to call.

Whether you’re here for months at a time, working for the government, for business or having a long vacation, we can help.

Relocation Housing

Moving home is hard enough without having to find somewhere to live as well. That’s where we come in. We can secure accommodation almost anywhere in the city within a wide range of requirements and budgets. If you need somewhere for a month or more, we can save you money too!

Whether you’re moving to the city to work, study or experience the capital, we can help. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Government Housing

As government housing specialists, Blu Corporate Housing is right at home here. We work with federal and local authorities to secure that ideal balance between quality and cost that taxpayers demand. It’s only one of the many reasons we’re a favorite supplier of the administration.

Healthcare Housing

If you’re a hospital administrator, finding decent accommodation for patients and staff probably takes up too much of your time. Work with Blu Corporate Housing to address that. We can find the right rental at the right price that offers value to both you and the person you’re housing.

Insurance Housing

The nature of your business means you’re always under pressure to offer more for less. That’s something we can help with. With access to hundreds of thousands of furnished properties across the country, we are perfectly placed to help you house staff and policyholders.

Individual Housing

If you’re a family moving to Washington D.C. or just need somewhere to stay in the city for a while, we can help. We don’t just work with organizations, we work with individuals and families too. If you need to stay anywhere in the country for 30 days or more, we’re the guys to call.


Blu Corporate Housing
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