What exactly is a “corporate lease apartment” and is it the right housing choice for you?

Specifically created for use as corporate housing, a corporate lease apartment is a particular kind of rental home. Typically, these kinds of flats are leased to people or businesses for brief periods, such business vacations or temporary assignments. In order to meet the demands of business travelers, they are frequently completely furnished and provided with facilities like high-speed internet and cleaning services. Furthermore, corporate leasing apartments are frequently found close to significant transit hubs or in the middle of commercial areas, making them accessible to those who are working or traveling for the sake of their jobs.

Question: What types of people would a corporate lease appeal to?

Answer: There are a wide range of people who typically utilize corporate leasing. They range from travel nurses to CEOs and everyone in between.

  1. Business travelers: This type of housing is ideal for individuals who are traveling for work, whether for a day, a week, or longer. The fully furnished units and convenient location make it easy for these travelers to feel at home while on the road.
  2. Relocating employees: Companies often use corporate lease apartments for employees who are relocating for work. This provides a temporary housing solution while the employee is in the process of finding a permanent place to live.
  3. Interns and trainees: Some companies may choose to house interns or trainees in corporate lease apartments, as this can provide a more comfortable and convenient housing solution compared to a hotel or other types of short-term rentals.
  4. Executives: Senior executives and other high-level business professionals may prefer the comfort and convenience of a corporate lease apartment when traveling for work.

Overall, corporate lease apartments are designed to meet the needs of individuals and companies who are looking for a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective housing solution for short-term stays.

Question: Do Corporate Lease Apartments Come Furnished?

Answer: Yes, typically corporate lease apartments are fully furnished. The furniture, appliances, and household items are included in the rental, and the apartment is ready for occupants to move in as soon as they arrive. The furnishings are often selected to provide a comfortable and functional living space, with a focus on accommodating the needs of business travelers and other short-term tenants. Some corporate lease apartments may also include additional amenities, such as high-speed internet, cable TV, and housekeeping services, to make the stay as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Question: Are Utilities Provided?

Answer: It might vary from building to building and management company to management company as to whether or not a corporate lease apartment’s fee includes the cost of utilities. While the monthly rent of some apartments for corporate lease may include all utilities, such as electricity, water, and internet access, the rent of other apartments for corporate leasing may require additional payments for these services. When calculating the total cost of an apartment, it is possible that the fact that utilities are included in the rent will play a role in some circumstances. It is vital to check with the specific apartment complex that has a corporate lease or the management business to see which utilities are included in the rent and which ones are not. Asking about any additional fees or costs that may apply, such as those for parking or housekeeping services, is another thing that might be a good idea to do.

Question: What do corporate lease terms usually look like?

Answer: The legal terms of a corporate lease agreement for an apartment can vary depending on the specific building or management company, as well as the laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where the property is located. However, there are some common elements that are often included in these agreements.

  1. Rent and payment terms: The rent amount and payment schedule are typically specified in the corporate lease agreement, along with any late fees or penalties that may apply. The agreement may also specify the methods of payment that are accepted, such as credit card, check, or electronic transfer.
  2. Length of the lease: The corporate lease agreement will specify the length of the lease, which is usually a set number of months. Some agreements may allow for the lease to be extended or renewed, while others may specify that the lease will automatically terminate at the end of the specified term.
  3. Maintenance and repairs: The agreement will typically outline the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord for maintaining and repairing the apartment. This may include information on who is responsible for paying for repairs, how maintenance requests should be submitted, and what types of repairs are covered under the lease agreement.
  4. Utilities: The agreement will specify which utilities are included in the rent and which are the responsibility of the tenant to pay. It may also outline any restrictions or limitations on the use of utilities, such as restrictions on electricity usage.
  5. Security deposit: Many corporate lease agreements require a security deposit, which is typically a specified amount of money that is held by the landlord in case of damages or other issues with the apartment. The agreement will specify the amount of the security deposit, when it is due, and how it will be returned at the end of the lease.
  6. Termination and renewals: The agreement will typically outline the conditions under which the lease can be terminated, such as non-payment of rent, violation of the lease agreement, or other reasons. The agreement may also specify the conditions under which the lease can be renewed, and the steps that must be taken to do so.

These are some of the most common elements that are included in a corporate lease agreement for an apartment. It’s important to carefully review the terms of the agreement before signing, and to consult with a lawyer if there are any questions or concerns.

Question: Should I use a corporate housing provider or just to do it myself?

Answer: Whether you should use a corporate housing provider or try to get a corporate lease apartment on your own depends on several factors, including your budget, the length of your stay, and the level of comfort and convenience you are looking for.

Advantages of using a corporate housing provider:

  • Convenience: Corporate housing providers typically offer fully furnished apartments that are ready to move in, making it easier and faster to get settled in your new location.
  • Amenities: Many corporate housing providers offer additional amenities, such as housekeeping services, high-speed internet, and on-site fitness centers, that can make your stay more comfortable and convenient.
  • Support: Corporate housing providers often have a team of professionals who can help with any questions or issues that arise during your stay.
  • Consistency: By working with a single provider, you can be assured of a consistent level of quality and service, regardless of which location you are in.

Advantages of getting a corporate lease apartment on your own:

  • Cost savings: Renting an apartment on your own can often be more cost-effective than using a corporate housing provider, especially if you are staying for an extended period of time.
  • More control: When you rent an apartment on your own, you have more control over the specific unit you choose, the location, and the amenities that are available.
  • More privacy: Renting an apartment on your own can provide more privacy and independence than staying in a hotel or with a corporate housing provider.

In the end, the decision between employing a corporate housing provider vs obtaining a corporate leasing apartment on your own will rely on your individual needs and preferences. If you are seeking a convenient, fully furnished, and amenity-rich living solution, a corporate housing provider may be the best option for you. Obtaining a corporate lease apartment on your own may be a better alternative if you are seeking for a more cost-effective solution with more control and privacy.

Question: Can you tell me some good corporate housing providers to use?

Answer: Yes, we thought you’d never ask 🙂

Top Corporate Housing Providers

  • Blu Corporate Housing – Yes, that’s us. You didn’t think we would leave ourselves off the list, did you? When it comes to short-term rentals, Blu Corporate Housing is a household name because to their consistently high-quality apartments in a wide variety of areas. Our thousands of properties across 50 states and 5,000 cities make us an industry leader on a national scale. We at Blu Corporate Housing are extremely proud of the stellar reputation we’ve earned, and we spare no effort in upholding it. As a result of our dedication to offering exceptional service, premium properties, and company values that resonate with guests, we have become the provider of choice for people in need of temporary lodging. Blu Corporate Housing is here to simplify your transition to a new city, whether it be for job or pleasure, a smooth and stress-free one.
  • AHI – AHI Corporate Housing specializes in furnished flats and provides high-quality temporary housing options. Offering low prices, resort-style apartment complexes, quick and simple arrivals and move-outs, and pet-friendly alternatives, we have been assisting individuals in finding a temporary home for more than two decades. Our locations are outfitted with full-size washers and dryers and other amenities to make your stay pleasant and easy. If you want corporate housing, please call AHI and let our expert staff to assist you in locating the ideal temporary residence.
  • Select – Select Corporate Housing is the premier provider of short-term, all-inclusive, and fully-furnished apartments that are meant to make you feel at home. Focusing on luxury communities in the Southeast and around the country, Select provides a variety of social and recreational features to enrich your experience. Our team of relocation consultants is committed to making your move into your new home as smooth and comfortable as possible, regardless of the length of your stay. With a single monthly cost covering all of your housing expenditures, including practical conveniences and utilities, you can just bring your bag and relax, making Select the best option for your corporate housing needs.
  • Churchill – Churchill Living has been setting the bar for temporary housing solutions that combine comfort, design, and utility for more than three decades. We have established ourselves as a top alternative for individuals looking for top-notch, completely furnished flats in desirable areas because of our sharp eye for anticipating the changing demands of our clients. Our team has devoted countless hours to provide unmatched service and a wide variety of flexible housing alternatives, from bustling cities like New York to more suburban places like New Jersey and Connecticut. It’s no surprise that we’ve grown to be the biggest provider of furnished apartment services in the nation given our track record of quality and unshakable dedication to client satisfaction. Churchill Living is here to make the experience stress-free and enjoyable, whether you’re moving for business, visiting a new city, or just need a pleasant place to call home.
  • Premier – Our business has been a pioneer in the apartment and short-term housing sectors for more than 45 years. We have a solid reputation for providing great service and high-quality housing solutions to our clients because to our significant knowledge and business savvy. We are able to provide our clients with cost-effective corporate housing options because of our close links to apartment buildings in Houston, Texas, Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, and other cities around the country. Our mission is to surpass expectations, and we are certain that our dedication to quality and customer service will enable us to do so. Our staff is ready to assist you locate the ideal option whether you need short-term lodging for work or play.
  • Weichert – Top-tier corporate housing and apartment provider Weichert Corporate Accommodation provides a variety of fully furnished rental alternatives, including short-term rentals, temporary housing, and serviced apartments. We are a top choice for all of your corporate housing needs since we have experience working with big businesses, governmental organizations, military people, and extended stay business travelers. No matter where you are, our team of seasoned industry specialists is committed to offering the best-in-class solutions, customized to fit your particular needs. Weichert Corporate Housing is committed to offering a great client experience and first-rate lodgings. It has a worldwide reach and local community knowledge. Our affiliation with the Weichert Company, one of the most reputable companies in real estate industry, speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. For all of your corporate housing requirements, choose Weichert Corporate Housing and benefit from the assurance that comes with dealing with a reputable and acknowledged industry pioneer.
  • Zeus – At Zeus Living, we question conventional ideas about housing and think that your life’s journey shouldn’t be constrained by it. We comprehend that you can be drawn to travel by a zeal for adventure, a desire to discover uncharted territory, or perhaps the tug of a loved one. Our goal is to offer a housing option that frees you from the restrictions of a standard lease and allows you to pursue these goals. No matter where life takes you, you can easily have a comfortable, secure, and fashionable living experience because to the way we’ve redesigned how people live. You may live on your terms with Zeus Living, with the freedom to seek the opportunities, encounters, and relationships that are most important to you.
  • CHBO – CHBO is a one-stop-shop for all your temporary housing needs, connecting travelers with property owners and managers offering fully furnished properties. Say goodbye to the hassle of renting furniture, hunting for housewares, and signing up for internet and cable. Since 2005, CHBO has been providing an online platform that streamlines the process of finding the perfect home away from home. Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio or a spacious six-bedroom home, our diverse inventory has you covered. With CHBO, you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of a fully furnished property, with the added personal touch of a landlord who can accommodate your specific needs. We believe that every traveler deserves a comfortable, hassle-free living experience, and we’re here to make it a reality. Homeowners can signup here for a fee.
  • National – With offices in North America, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, National Corporate Housing is a global leader in the temporary housing solutions market. National was founded in 1999 by Tom Atchison, a seasoned professional in the hospitality, real estate, insurance, and temporary housing industries. National is a privately held company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional service to its customers while also meeting their unique housing needs. National’s Single Source Solution® provides temporary housing solutions such as furnished apartments, foreign serviced flats, rental assistance services, destination services, and insurance housing through a business strategy that prioritizes “high touch” client care. National Corporate Housing is here to make your stay easy and pleasant, whether you are relocating for business, taking a vacation, or just need a somewhere to lay your head.

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