Blu is an established presence in the corporate housing market and has been for a number of years. We offer professional furnished rental services to governments, companies, individuals, charities and organizations of all kinds, from Fortune 500 to working families.jpg

If you’re looking for a higher standard of living without the premium price, we can help. We have access to thousands of properties across the country, from condos to apartments, single family homes to estates. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re going, Blu delivers!

Blu Corporate Housing

Blu is a furnished rentals specialist who excels in finding the highest standard of corporate housing for periods of 30 days or more. Our national reach and dedicated team has the contacts and desire to find your perfect rental anywhere in the country.

Companies depend on us, healthcare organizations love us, government agencies rely on us and families appreciate us. All because we keep our promises and ensure the customer is always at the heart of what we do. It’s a simple premise, one that has ensured the continued success and growth of Blu.

The Blu Team

The team behind Blu is a large part of who we are. They are a great bunch of guys with a professional, dedicated attitude and a sense of responsibility that ensures the work always gets done.

They are a mixed team, some have backgrounds in real estate, others in corporate housing, others have business degrees, while others have dedicated themselves to customer service. Each has a part to play and each contributes to the vibrant, energetic entity that is Blu. We are richer because of them and would be nothing without.

The Blu Difference

Blu Corporate Housing isn’t the only furnished rentals specialist on the market, but we aim to be the best. The main difference between ACH and the competition is that we accept no excuses from ourselves and will never offer them to you. Our entire ethos is delivery no matter what.

If the customer isn’t happy, they aren’t coming back. It’s a harsh but true statement and one that we live by. If a request is humanly possible, our team won’t rest until we deliver on it, period. That’s why we have survived, that’s why we have grown and that’s why our customers and landlords enjoy working with us.

We are also a full-service corporate housing specialist. That means, once you send us a request, we can manage everything for you. We organize viewings if you need them, we handle all the paperwork, arrange services to be connected if they aren’t already and can help with any aspect of your rented accommodation, you only need to just ask.

If you need a high standard of corporate rental anywhere in the country for a month or more, contact Blu today!

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