Blu Corporate Housing – Mission & Values

Blu Corporate Housing is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. This commitment dictates how we work, who we work with and how we operate. It’s what we do, it’s who we are. It’s also the least you can expect when working with us.v2

As a market leading corporate rentals company, Blu Corporate Housing holds our missions and values dear. We developed them before we even had our first client and still live by them every day 7 years on.


It is our ambition to deliver and exceed your expectations every time you work with us. We will do everything we can to deliver on our promises and on your requirements on time all the time.


Our integrity is incredibly important to us. As well as delivering on our promises to exceed your expectations, we also ensure we never break our work to foster trust. Trust is exceptionally important in business and that’s something that we are more than aware of.

That’s why, when you work with Blu Corporate Housing, we do what we say, when we say, how we say.


Our people are everything. They allow us to function and to deliver an outstanding service. We appreciate what they do and work with them to grow, develop and expand their potential.

We recruit and retain some of the best people in the business. Some have rentals experience, some do not. What they all bring to the company is a professionalism and desire to succeed. We foster that and ensure it’s as apparent to you as it is to us.


The concept of value far outweighs the concern of cost. By offering more for less, we ensure you receive the best value possible in each and every transaction. We nurture long term relationships and ensure we offer the best value for money anywhere for the quality corporate housing we offer.

Our commitment to value is why we are a preferred partner for government agencies, law enforcement, the military, insurance companies and healthcare providers, to name but a few.


The concept of respect is easy to say, simple to promise but can be difficult to deliver. We believe Blu Corporate Housing respects everyone, regardless of size, spending power and influence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multinational company or a family who needs help, you’re all important to us.

We actively encourage a mutual respect in all of our dealings with clients. We operate an open, honest environment where both sides of the transaction can flourish.


We take a long term view of the success of both you and Blu Corporate Housing. We do everything we can to secure our own future and yours, by offering value for money, an honorable business relationship and by encouraging trust and equality in everything we do.

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