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The Travelers Haven / Blu Team

Carlos Abisambra

Carlos is a dynamic leader and problem solver focused on sustainable company growth and enhancing end-to-end customer experience. Before Travelers Haven . Blu, Carlos cultivated a diverse track record of leadership and strategy positions at Amazon, Vortice Services, Danaher, Kimberly-Clark, and General Electric. He grew up in Colombia, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and an industrial engineering degree from Purdue University.

Fun Fact: “My first job as a teenager was being a sailing instructor. I used that money to pay for surfing lessons, but I can’t say I learned how to surf.”


Troy Shaffer
VP of Strategic Business Operations


Proud of being associate #4, Troy has been an intricate part in growing Travelers Haven / Blu into what it is today. With a client-first approach and a deep understanding of the business, he oversees several different teams on both the sales and support side. Troy is a proud father of two with his wife, an avid golfer, and a spirited Indiana University Alumni.

Fun Fact: “I once received certification to be a professional golf teacher as I thought I wanted to pursue a career in golf.”


Ellis Hugunin
VP of Housing Operations


Since joining Travelers Haven 9 years, Ellis has learned a lot from within both the trenches and upper management of Blu. He tends to view the company’s systems and processes from a manufacturing perspective, which allows him to better identify opportunity costs and systematic efficiencies.

Fun Fact: “I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune and was declined, but my wife was selected.”