Fully Furnished Turnkey Housing

Some jobs require staff to travel for extended periods of time. Others are peripatetic by their very nature. Forces personnel, lecturers, those on the conference circuit and locum doctors are just a few examples of people who have to travel for work. Being away from home is stressful enough if you have family, but having to spend weeks in a hotel will only add to that. Turnkey housing changes all that.

Turnkey housing is another term for long-term rentals, corporate housing or furnished apartments. They are ready to move into, with furniture, crockery, linens, services and everything you’re likely to need. You turn the key and you’re ready to live. These solutions have a number of benefits, including:

  • Cash savings
  • Size
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Privacy
Cash Savings

Almost without exception, turnkey housing is cheaper than comparable hotel accommodation. Even with long-term discounts, loyalty cards and all the other gimmicks, it’s cheaper to stay in a furnished apartment or corporate rental than in a hotel.


Even the smallest corporate apartment is going to be bigger than most hotel rooms. For the price, turnkey housing offers the best dollar per square foot value of any short-term rental. It isn’t always an issue if you’re staying alone, but add a family and size really begins to matter.CORPORATE APARTMENT LISTINGS


The whole premise around turnkey housing is convenience. The concept is to provide viable rented accommodation that you can walk right in to and start living. Add to that the convenience of having your own front door and not having to negotiate reception every time you want to go out and you have a good case for rentals.

Plus, you can eat when you like, what you like, not during a “meal window” or from a set or room service menu.


Using corporate rentals almost guarantees quality. These types of accommodation are used by business executives and they simply won’t pay for substandard accommodation. That gives you confidence that your turnkey housing will be habitable at the very least.

While we’re not denigrating hotels, they are a mixed bag to say the least. It’s possible to have a very high quality room for a reasonable price, but you’re not guaranteed. If you’re used to a certain lifestyle, you’re going to have to pay through the nose for it at a hotel.


Hotels aren’t very private. Sure you can close the door and the blinds, but everyone sees you coming and going. Neighbors can also hear almost everything that goes on in your room too. While you may not even have anything to hide, privacy is an important aspect of our lives and should not be overlooked.

Using turnkey housing instead of hotels for stays longer than 30 days makes sense on every level. It’s cheaper, easier, more comfortable and better for you. Not being cooped up in a single room will do wonders for productivity and wellbeing. Contact us today to get started.

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