Anchorage is a great place to live. It’s on the edge of civilization, close to the wild and untamed land of snow and ice that is Alaska. The outside is a part of life for us. Despite the cold, the land, the sea and the life here is too beautiful to ignore.

If you’re coming to Anchorage to live, work or visit, here are some things you just need to see while you’re here.


The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is an 11 mile trail that takes in some of the best scenery you can easily access from the city. It’s a paved trail that offers the opportunity to see beluga whales in Cook Inlet and moose in Kincaid Park if you’re here at the right time. Depending on when you visit, you can hike, bike or ski the entire trail in about half a day.


The Anchorage Museum is the state’s largest museum and the first place you need to visit if you’re to understand our history and heritage. It covers everything from native tribes, local wildlife to modern history. There is even an interactive section where the kids can play and explore. Well worth a visit.


The Alaska Native Heritage Center is ideal if you want to know more about the original peoples of the area. The center preserves native dress, customs and way of life and offers displays of art, artifacts and performances in the hall. You can listen to stories and chat to real natives. That last is a real highlight of this venue!


Kincaid Park overlooks Cook Inlet and is our favorite city park. It covers 1500 acres and is a firm favorite of locals and visitors. You can walk, bike, ski and wander to your heart’s content here. Picnic in the summer, play in the snow in the winter and even see a moose or two if you’re lucky.


The Oscar Anderson House Museum remembers the founder of Anchorage, Oscar Henderson. He arrived in 1915 and built the first permanent residence here, which led to many others and eventually grew into what you see today. While not in the original place where he built it, the museum is an excellent place to see life 100 years ago.


Chugach State Park is a short drive east of Anchorage but well worth the trip. It’s the third largest state park in the country, covering almost 500,000 acres. It’s a haven for wildlife, rock climbers, mountain bikers, hikers and outdoors people of all kinds. Hiking is a real highlight here as there are trails for all levels of ability, including across glaciers!


While slower than a plane, many people arrive and depart Anchorage by train along the Alaska Railroad. This amazing experience should be on everyone’s bucket list and is definitely worth the trip. The scenery is breathtaking and the entire experience should not be missed.

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