Anchorage enjoys long days, short nights and all the benefits our location brings. While the outdoors is a big part of our lives, we are city people too and have a huge range of activities inside as well as out.

Here are just a few of the activities you could enjoy while here.


Whether you’re looking for the green expanse in spring or summer, or the glaciers in autumn or winter, there is more hiking opportunities in Alaska than you could experience in a lifetime.Anchorage AK (1)

Alaska has an amazing trail systemthat offers an unrivaled opportunity to enjoy the vast green wonder that is our state. We have trails of all levels, from beginners to experienced experts. All clearly marked and mapped.


For mountain bikers with a sense of adventure, Alaska offers a challenge and stupendous scenery in equal measure. We have light trails for beginners and more challenging ones for experienced riders. (read more)

Alaska also has a range of support services to help keep you on the road. There are a range of local businesses who offer valuable services such as repairs, bike hire and equipment.


Alaska is perfect for Nordic or Alpine skiing for those who are prepared for the experience. Experience downhill speed from Mount Alyeska to Hilltop Valley and everywhere in-between.

Nordic skiing is well served too, with plenty of marked trails ranging through the wilderness. Experience everything Anchorage and Alaska have to offer while on skis.

Snow Dogs

No visit to Alaska would be complete without trying dog sledding or cross-country skiing with dogs. Dog sledding is Alaska’s state sport and we love it. We also want you to experience it too, which is why there are plenty of opportunities to join in.

There are a wide range of businesses who offer snow dog activities in and around Anchorage. If you prefer to watch, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race starts on the streets of downtown Anchorage on the first weekend of March.Anchorage AK (2)


If fishing is your thing, you’ll love Anchorage. We have amazing fishing all year-round, with wild rivers, glacial water, boats trips and more. We have the salmon runs of Ship Creek in summer and huge halibut in Cook Inlet. You can even try traditional ice fishing if you like! (read more)


No visit to Alaska would be complete without experiencing some of the teeming wildlife we have around here. Anchorage has State and National Parks around that provide the perfect opportunity to watch brown bears, mountain goats, wolves (if you’re lucky) and any number of other species.

Cook Inlet also has a wide range of whale watching tours that offer experiences you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Those are just a few of the opportunities available in Anchorage. While much of our life is enjoyed outdoors, there is plenty to do inside too. Whatever you’re planning to do while you’re in Anchorage, enjoy yourself while you’re here!

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