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Fully Furnished Corporate Lodging & Housing Rentals

The need for corporate lodging is actually increasing even though corporate travel isn’t. As more businesses discover the savings possible with a furnished corporate apartment over a hotel and the superior standard of property available, they quickly realize the potential of the business model.

Blu Corporate Lodging delivers high quality rentals that are fully equipped, have all the amenities you could want, in downtown or business districts and are ready to move in. Add all utilities, internet, phone and cable or satellite TV and you have a very compelling package. If that wasn’t enough reason to consider corporate housing, we don’t know what is!

If you consider that you get all those benefits at roughly half the cost of a hotel room for stays of 28 days or more, you realize just why corporate housing is so popular!

A typical lodging rental from Blu will be:Phoenix Rentals (11)

  • Fully furnished and equipped
  • Ready to move in
  • Stylish, clean and tastefully decorated
  • Fully equipped with internet, phone and cable or satellite TV
  • Supported by our team of rentals experts to answer any queries and address any issues

Our team has been trained in all aspects of corporate housing and are here to take care of everything for you. We know you’re busy, so all you need do is tell us what you want, where and when you want it, tell us about any special requirements and we will take care of the rest.

We will create a shortlist, arrange viewings, make bookings, arrange any extras and ensure the rental is ready when you need it. It’s all part of the service!

If you need to stay somewhere on business for 28 days or more, there’s no cheaper or easier way to do it. You get to stay in a quality furnished apartment in an area you like, close to the things you need. A hotel will find it hard to match that!

If you need corporate lodging, anywhere at any time, call Blu Corporate Housing at (877) 683-4359 or use the contact form. We’re here to help!