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As part of our furnished housing service, Blu offers a truly personal service. We offer our clients the opportunity to tailor their corporate rental to the nth degree.

Our selection of customized housing options allows you select from a range of criteria to secure a rental property that suits your needs perfectly. We provide top quality furnished housing anywhere in the country.

Whether you need a furnished apartment for a month, or an estate home for a year, we’re here with the solution!

Select from:

  • Location
  • Available amenities and services
  • Included utilities
  • Living room options
  • Kitchen type
  • Number and size of bedrooms
  • Bathroom configurations

For a truly tailored rental experience, it can only be Blu!

We deal with many entities that have very particular needs. That can be anything from security, access, internet, full-sized kitchen, pets, dining area, location within a city, onsite parking and a range of other requirements.

What may seem trivial from the outside, can make an awful lot of difference to the client. When we’re dealing with corporate rentals, armed forces, hospitals, healthcare and government departments, there are a lot of priorities to juggle. Some options are nice to have, others are essential.

For example, someone recovering from surgery may need wider doors, easy access, parking for nurses and a large bed. Someone from the armed forces will be more concerned with building security, covered parking and privacy.

Our extensive range of options allows you to tailor your rental experience so you get exactly what you need.

As well as the physical characteristics of your rented property, we can also offer a range of supporting services. They can include laundry services, cleaning, ironing, cable TV, internet, grocery deliveries and anything else you need to make your stay more comfortable.

Blu cares about people as much as they do about property. Happy people are productive people and happy clients are repeat clients.

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