GSA or Per-diem Housing For Military Personnel

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If you’re in the military, chances are that your housing is provided for you on, or near your home base. It’s a perk of the job, and with the steady improvements and investment is base housing, it’s a perk that’s improving all the time.

However, if you’re PCS’ing to an established duty station, or on secondment, there isn’t always accommodation available for you on base. That’s where Blu comes in.

We provide high quality temporary housing for military personnel and their dependents throughout the country at TDY per diem rates. We are an approved government accommodation supplier and have spent the past six years refining our service to offer the very best to our brave servicemen and women.

What is Military Housing?

Military housing is mainly standard rented accommodation off-base, within a short distance of where you need to be. The property could be an apartment or a house, depending on your rank, family situation and available accommodation.

Military housing is usually arranged and assigned by your housing officer and we just provide the property and arrange everything for you. We can provide off-base community rentals, on-base privatized housing, military FSBOs, military shared rentals, and furnished lodging.

We can also work with you directly if you need to arrange long-term rented accommodation in and around a military installation.

Whatever you need, wherever you need it, Blu delivers. Call us or use the inquiry form for more details.

Types of Military Housing

Military housing comes in all shapes and sizes. Much depends on the branch you’re in, your rank, your specialization, your family situation and the accommodation available in the area.

The average furnished rental will be an apartment or house. We have a huge range of furnished apartments, single family homes, condos and estate homes all around the country. Hundreds of which are within easy reach of our major military installations.

Blu works directly with the services to provide high quality accommodation to service personnel anywhere in the country. We also work with individuals keen to source their own accommodation. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, we deliver.

Why Blu Corporate Housing?

Blu is a government approved accommodation provider with 8 years’ experience. We regularly arrange furnished apartments and single family homes for government workers and the military across the country.

Working with us means working with a trusted, reliable partner who can deliver a huge range of accommodation in over 50 states and over 5000 cities. If we don’t have it on our books, it isn’t worth having.

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