Short-term Housing

Blu is a short-term housing specialist. We deliver the highest quality short-term, furnished accommodation for the lowest price.

With a reach that spans the entire country, 50 states and over 5000 cities, we are the perfect partner for find anything, anywhere. Whatever the reason, whatever you’re looking for, wherever you’re going, we can find that perfect place.

What to Expect with Short-term Housing

Short-term housing is usually made up of furnished apartments but can also include single family homes, town houses and condos. The type of accommodation depends on your needs and budget.

They differ slightly from standard rentals as they often include services as part of the rent. That can include water, electricity, gas, phone and cable, depending on the property. That means you only have a single outgoing to cover all the housing costs. The only extras you will need is groceries.

The Main Advantages of Short-term Housing

There are many advantages to short-term housing, including cost, freedom, comfort and manageability. Let’s discuss them a little further.Corporate Apartment Portland - Blu Inc (5)

Cost: Cost is something we are all struggling to manage in our everyday lives. The relative low cost of temporary accommodation compared to a hotel is what makes them so popular. On average, short-term housing through Blu is up to 52% cheaper than a hotel!

Freedom: Freedom is harder to quantify but extremely important for our wellbeing. Our entire way of life is built around it after all. In terms of short-term housing, freedom means the ability to eat when you want, what you want, come and go as you please, to entertain, to have visitors and to live how you want.

Compared to the rigid timetables of hotels, that freedom is not to be understated.

Comfort: The majority of hotels are very comfortable places. The beds are nice, the linen clean, but that’s about it. Unless you upgrade, or have the budget for a suite, you don’t have anywhere but the bed to sit, eat and work.

A furnished apartment from Blu gives you all the comforts of home for less than half the price. Depending on your choice of accommodation, you will have a living area with seating, maybe a dining area, balcony, office, or den. Everything you need to live and work in comfort.

Manageability: Manageability is about knowing how much you’re spending and being able to predict costs a long way down the line. While hotels will charge a fixed room fee, the extras like minibar, food, room service, laundry and anything else comes extra.

With short-term housing, everything is predictable. The monthly fee will in most cases include all the services you request. Generally, the only extra you need to budget for will be groceries.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using short-term housing over hotels. If you’re looking for low cost, quality accommodation for periods of 30 days or more, Blu is here to help.

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