Furnished Housing For Students & Faculty

Most college housing departments will have relationships with local lettings specialists and landlords who can offer student housing to all those who need it. Although, anyone who has visited student housing knows the quality can vary wildly!

Blu works with schools, colleges and universities to provide a higher standard of student housing. Our market reach and property contacts allows us to secure good accommodation at reasonable prices.

Securing Student Housing

When you, your parents or your housing office finds you student housing through Blu , securing it is pretty straightforward. It’s usually a matter of nominating a guarantor, completing the paperwork, paying the security deposit and then moving in.

Deposits vary, but are generally equal to a month’s rent with an extra amount for damages and security. This will vary so it’s a good idea to check around to make sure you have the best deal.

Security deposits are a big deal in student housing as young people have a reputation for not leaving their rented accommodation in a habitable state. Rightly or wrongly all students are tarred with the same brush, so even the most well behaved students will have to contend with the deposit.

Student Housing Options

Of course, renting student housing isn’t always necessary as there are plenty of other options for you to choose. They include:

  • Residence halls
  • Private residence blocks
  • Staying with family
  • Parent-owned rentals
  • Student housing

Residence Halls

On campus residence halls are the best way to experience college life as a Freshman. If you’re living away from home for the first time, new to the area or just want to fit in quickly, these are the best option for you.

Depending on the college, these can be high quality or low. You don’t know until you get there!

Private Residence Blocks

Many colleges allow private companies to build student accommodation on campus to increase the available student housing while not costing them huge amounts of money. These are also options for the student.

Like residence halls, quality and prices vary.

Staying with Family

If you’re going to college near home, there may be no need for student housing. Staying with relatives is the easiest, and cheapest option, but it comes with compromises. Your space is not your own, party times are limited and having guests stay overnight may meet with disapproval.

Parent-owned Rentals

If you’re lucky enough to have wealthy parents, or those savvy enough to invest in student housing, they could buy a house and rent it to you and your friends while you’re at school. It’s a great option, but not many of us have parents who can afford it.

Student Housing

Private student housing is the most popular off-campus accommodation option. It’s also what Blu can help you with. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we can help.

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