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The Denver business environment is an active one. The central location lends itself well to reaching across the country and being able to ship and supply the entire US within hours. Flights from Denver can be pretty much anywhere in a few hours, making it an ideal base of operations.Denver (2)

Being near the base of the Rocky Mountains means there are plenty of opportunities for leisure businesses as well as leisure travelers, a significant advantage in an economy that needs diversity. There are a range of leisure business opportunities in the greater Denver area, as well as further afield.

A recent KPMG survey put Denver right in the middle of the range for business costs. We ranked 14 out of 26 for many factors, including labor costs, taxes, real estate and licensing. Denver has a mean cost index of 98.4, as opposed to 104.5 for San Francisco which is most expensive, and 95.9 for Cincinnati, which was cheapest.

Economic Development

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) is the region’s leading economic development organization. It was formed to create over 100,000 new jobs over five years.

The Metro Denver EDC focuses on six areas: national marketing, existing business, mobility, international air travel, tax reform and special opportunities. It is in the process of raising $13.3 million to achieve this.

Personnel DevelopmentDenver (1)

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce offers a range of free and low-cost training programs to Chamber members. They also run a selection of initiatives, such as CEO Exchange, Leads Groups, Ambassadors’ Program and a Gold Member Alliance Program.

The Chamber also runs The Business Training Institute (BTI), to deliver a range of training and seminars to new and small businesses. The BTI works closely with the Denver Small Business Development Center to provide useful resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

City Development

Denver as a city is geared towards economic regeneration and a diversification of businesses within the region. While there is still an enormous amount of red tape involved with doing business, there is no more here than anywhere else.

The city already has a vibrant downtown area where many corporations have their head offices. The lively business environment, plus the high quality outdoor spaces, relatively low crime rates and sunny climate all conspire to make Denver a nice place to do business.

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