For many business people, travel is not just a luxury, but a fact of life. Having to spend days or weeks away from home in different cities can make even the best hotels become tiresome. With the proliferation of Denver corporate housing, it doesn’t have to be that way. Business right-bannertravelers can have quality accommodation and all the conveniences of home whenever they visit our city.

Blu Corporate housing costs considerably less than hotels. Even while hotel chains are offering cut-price stays and discounts, they still can’t compete with a corporate apartment. The savings can be as much as 30% over the price of a typical hotel room for a stay over a week, and more for extended trips. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, read on.

Travelers Haven (13)In Denver, corporate housing is of a very high quality. Our business districts are vibrant places where deals are done every day. It’s in the city’s interest to keep standards high for business visitors. Most letting agencies who deal with corporate lets have very high entry criteria. The properties have to be of a very good standard, décor has to be top-notch and it will need most if not all the comforts of home.

Quality must always be consistent and there’s no room for poor quality apartments in our city. This is why Blu has everything to make a traveler feel as though they are at home. Most accommodation with have fully fitted kitchens, comfortable beds, flat screen TVs and on-site laundry facilities. All things that are considered extras in many hotels, costing above and beyond the price for a normal night’s stay. Or, more often, charged at a business premium.

Most of the agencies that deal with corporate housing, like Blu , will be experts, with years of experience. The current economic climate has sorted the wheat from the chaff, and those who are still left standing are the best. Blu will take care of everything for you, depending on requirements. They will at least take you on a tour of the property, arrange the paperwork, take care of the finances and even sort out the utilities on your behalf.

For companies who still have employees that travel for longer than a week or two, it makes sound financial sense to try Blu instead of hotels. Even those organizations with discount arrangements with hotels will still see a significant saving over the longer term.

So far, we have only spoken about money. But, almost as important is the wellbeing of the traveler. By offering them a better quality of accommodation, often nearer to their destination and amenities will only improve their state of mind. By treating them well, and taking care of their needs, they are going to be in a much better position to represent you more effectively. When it comes to doing deals, a happy business person is a profitable one.

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