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Are you relocating to Austin, TX for employment, recreation, or adventure? Be prepared for a challenging rental market that is highly competitive. Due to a lack of housing alternatives in and around Austin, obtaining short-term accommodation can be difficult, even in the suburbs of Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville.

Yet, Austin is the place to be in Texas if you’re looking for a short-term rental. With an average occupancy rate of 65% in 2021, Austin’s short-term rental market will continue to surpass that of other Texas towns. Austin’s occupancy rate increased to 72% in Q2 2022, above San Antonio’s occupancy rate of 64.1% for the same quarter.

Short-term rentals must adhere to strict city rules, which include getting an operating license, evidence of property insurance, and paying a non-refundable charge. Annual license renewal is required of owners of short-term rental properties; failure to do so might result in a fine of up to $2,000 and the loss of their operating license.

For the past 20 years, Austin’s popularity has continuously increased, and in 2022, it will surpass San Francisco as the city with the second-fastest growth in the nation. As of July 1, 2021, the Census Bureau anticipated that there will be 2,352,426 people living in Austin. Austin has drawn well-known Silicon Valley businesses like Amazon, Google, and Tesla because to its unique combination of a booming technological hub, a high concentration of venture capital, a pleasant environment, and a dynamic culture.

Top Corporate Housing Providers in Austin


#1 The Blueground – 158 Listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

The Blueground is a huge player in the Austin area. They offer over 150 completely furnished month-to-month rentals. You heard that right, every single one of their apartments can be rented on a 30 day basis. In addition to a large selection and 30-day leases, their pricing is fantastic and un-beatable by nearly any other housing provider, including us. They serve the following neighborhoods in Austin: Arboretum, Bouldin Creek, Central, Cherrywood, Domain, Downtown, East Austin, Market District, Mueller, Riverside, South Austin, Triangle State, and Zilker.


#2 Blu Corporate Housing Austin – 138 listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

Yes, that is indeed us. We offer fully furnished studio, 1, 2, and three bedroom rentals across the city and her suburbs. All of our rentals come with all linens, dishes, and utilities. Our Austin housing is truly turnkey. We have aggressive discounts for businesses and repeat clients. In addition to Austin, we offer furnished rentals in Downtown, Round Rock, and Pflugerville.


#3 Hello Landing – 97 listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

Similar to Blueground, Hello Landing has a very large selection and fantastic coverage across the Austin area, including the suburbs such as Pflugerville, Round Rock, San Marcos, and Cedar Park. They offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom furnished rentals with monthly leasing options. Utilities are charged separate but furnishings, linens, shower curtains, etc. are all included in rent.


#4 Corporate Housing By Owner – 93 listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

Corporate Housing By Owner or “CHBO” is a different style housing site. Instead of being centrally managed like the first three providers above, this runs on the “by owner” type setup, similar to Air BnB where users pay a fee to have their homes and condos listed. This is a great website to use if you need something a bit out of the ordinary such as a house that can accommodate a large group or a tiny house you can rent for a bargain. Their coverage is decent and the prices range from super cheap to super expensive. This site really has a little bit of everything.


#5 National Corporate Housing – 90 listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

National is a corporate housing company similar to Blu in style. They offer fully furnished corporate apartments all around Austin through partnerships and agreements they have with apartment communities. They pre-furnished the rental which includes everything from linens to dishes, then they get all of the utilities activated and ready for your arrival. You will typically pay a little more here than on one of the “by owner” type sites, but the work is already done for you. This is a good option for business housing where the company doesn’t mind paying a little extra for time savings.


#6 Air BnB – 1000+ listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

No list of furnished housing would be complete without the behemoth we know as Air BnB. Air BnB has it’s pros and cons, many of you already know what those are. The best thing about Air BnB is that they can offer a huge selection. Looking to live in a treehouse? They got it. Looking to live in a $10,000,000 mansion? Got that covered, too. The main downsides are cost and fees. Both of which are a little too much for some people to stomach.


#7 Furnished Finder – 900+ listings CLICK TO VIEW RENTALS

We have a friendly partnership with furnished finder, we send them a lot of our nurses who have lower monthly budgets. Furnished Finder is similar to Air BnB but typically not as expensive. It’s the main self-serve website that travel nurses and medical staff use for their assignments.


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