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Want to rent your furnished home, condo, or apartment? Well, what’s the best place to list your property for rent? You have a lot of options out there, but if you want to target business travelers, executives, and other upscale tenants then the corporate housing industry is probably what you want to target.

Corporate housing is basically anything that comes with all furniture, housewares, and utilities included in rent. In addition, the typical 6- or 12-month lease requirements are eased. Some of the most popular lease lengths for corporate rentals are just 30 days. The good thing with the month-to-month leases is that the daily price for the rental usually increases as the length of the lease decreases.

Best Sites to List Your Corporate Housing

Tips For Listing Your Corporate Rental

Write a Custom & Detailed Description – Be sure to write a custom description. The reason being is it will attract traffic from the Google. If you just copy/paste your description from another place where you had it listed, Google will know that and not serve your property in the search results. However, if you write a thorough and detailed description it will pull in search traffic. For example, if you describe your property as being a 4 bedroom home next to the Orlando International Airport and someone searches for “4 bedroom corporate rental” or “furnished 4 bedroom house for rent”, there is a good chance you will show up in the search results and it may lead to a reservation. So be sure to go into as much detail as possible about your rental and even more importantly the notable places in the immediate area of your rental. Airports, colleges, large business campuses, military and government facilities, stadiums, ETC.

Add Many Pictures as Possible – Always add as many high-quality images as possible. The pictures should have great resolution, be bright and welcoming. Avoid dark images or images that make your rental appear dingy and small.

Have a Video? Add That Too! – Video is even better! Give your prospective clients a video tour so they really get a feel for it. Be upbeat and welcoming in your video.