People need healthcare housing for a variety of reasons. They can be working away from home, consulting in another facility, on secondment, studying or even convalescing. Whatever the reason, Blu can source the finest rented accommodation anywhere in the country for you to use while you’re there.

We work with government, corporations, the military and individuals to find high standard furnished accommodation across 50 states and 5000 cities. If we can’t find it, you don’t want it!

Furnished Housing for Doctors & Nurses
As a healthcare professional, you have one of the most demanding, responsible jobs in the world. Lives are in your hands and the care and well being of our citizens are yours to control.

With that in mind, we want you to be at your best at all times. We want you well rested, well looked after and ready for a day’s work. That’s why we seek to provide the finest rented accommodation possible so you can achieve that.

Blu arranges healthcare housing for professionals in almost every city in the country. Our reach is wide and our inventory deep. So whether you’re a facility looking to accommodate new staff, or staff looking to arrange your own, we can help. Most per-diem rates are met or exceeded.

Healthcare Housing for Individuals
Recovering from a surgery or other treatment can take time and rest. That isn’t always possible at home, or even in your home town. That’s where we come in.

Blu can find you the finest quality furnished housing from a wide range of property types to suit every budget. Need a furnished apartment in Atlanta? No problem. Town House in Tampa? We have that. Want a condo in Colorado? Got it. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, Blu has you covered.

Our market reach is huge, our inventory of quality rentals is enormous. Our desire to help is infinite. As a temporary housing specialist with over six years’ experience, we know that you need great accommodation at an affordable price, whether you’re paying or not. That’s exactly what we deliver.

We work with insurance companies across the country to provide accommodation for a variety of reasons, convalescence is just one of them. We are the natural choice for anyone looking for the best rented accommodation at the very best prices. Try us and see for yourself.

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