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Are you building your own home? Need somewhere to stay while your home is being built? We can help!

One key challenge when building your home is where to stay in the meantime. Few of us have the resources to stay in our existing home while our house is being built.

So where do you stay?

Do you rent a hotel room for months at a time? Do you stay in a trailer or RV? Do you stay on site?

All those things are possible, but we recommend furnished housing.

You can rent month by month, houses are fully furnished and equipped and you can stay close to your new home and watch it being built.

Housing options for self builders

Of the million details you have to address when building your own home, where to stay while it’s being built is often overlooked.

Considering how important it is, that’s a mistake!

Your options are typically:

Rent a motel or hotel

Renting a motel or hotel for anything up to a year will be expensive!

Those four walls will also begin closing in on you long before your house is built. The combination of single room living, lack of cooking space, freedom to wander and the inconvenience of living among other people will soon wear thin.

Trailer or RV

Parking a trailer or RV on site is one way to live while your house is being built.

It might not be a comfortable way though. If your plot has room while keeping you out of the way of heavy machinery, it might work.

That is as long as you don’t mind the noise, dust, swearing and bad music that’s a staple for most construction sites!

Not all self builds will have the space for a trailer or RV alongside everything the contractor needs to build your home.

Keep your current home while your new one is built

In an ideal world, you would keep living in your current home while your new house it being built.

How many of us can pay for an entire house to be built without selling our current home?

How many of us could qualify for a large enough mortgage to cover our current house and pay for a new one?

Not many of us that’s for sure!

So, what’s the alternative?

Furnished corporate housing.

Furnished rentals while your house is being built

A furnished rental is the answer. Pay by the month, rent by the month and everything is included.

You can place all your stuff safely in storage, live near your new home or work and live in comfort until your new home is built.

It’s the easiest, more comfortable way to live while you’re building a new home!

With locations across the country, in cities, rural areas, small towns and anywhere you care to live, they are as convenient as it gets.

Your rent covers everything. All utilities, cable or satellite TV, internet or WiFi and use of development amenities.

All the space, warmth, central air and privacy of home without getting in anyone’s way.

Furnished rentals are flexible too.

If your home is finished early, end your rental early. If the project runs over, stay for another month or two.

Just let us know in plenty of time and we’ll handle the rest.

You get your own account manager and have nothing to worry about. We handle the booking, liaise with the landlord, handle utilities and services.

All you need to do is turn up, collect the keys and unpack.

If you’re building your own house and need somewhere safe and warm to stay, furnished housing is the answer!

April 05, 2022 Barry Goodknight

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Despite everything that’s happened in the last couple of years, construction is still a booming industry. Demand is high and supply is low so more workers than ever before are traveling the country with their work.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that offers more than budget motels or hotels, you should definitely consider a corporate apartment.

Despite their name, they are designed for anyone, working in any industry. If you’re a construction worker following contracts and need somewhere to stay for 30 days or more, they could be just what you’re looking for.

Finding corporate housing is easier than you might think, especially as we have done some of the hard work for you.

What follows is a list of leading corporate housing providers that have a range of accommodation suitable for traveling construction workers.

We hope it helps!

Blu Corporate Housing

Blu Corporate Housing has 65,000 corporate rentals on its books ideal for traveling construction workers. They cover most popular U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Palo Alto, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Redmond, Washington D. C. and many more.

Corporate accommodation includes apartments, penthouses, townhomes, estate homes and more. Each will be within a development or gated community and have access to onsite services.

Short Term Housing

Short Term Housing has over 30,000 corporate rentals in over 6,000 U.S. cities. This is a well-established company with a national presence and caters for many types of traveling worker, including those in construction.

Accommodation types include Downtown apartments, residential properties, oceanfront villas, penthouse apartments and more. All come fully furnished and equipped too.

Travelers Haven

Travelers Haven are a highly regarded corporate housing provider based in Denver, Colorado. The company has a great reputation and prides themselves on being cost-effective and having superb customer service.

The company has over 32,000 corporate properties on their books for traveling construction workers, spread over most areas of the U.S., including major cities, tourist destinations and some popular locations.


ACRS is another quality provider of corporate accommodation suitable for traveling construction workers. They have a range of fully equipped apartments, townhomes and other property types across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and other cities in that region.

The company provides 24/7 customer support and while they don’t have national coverage, the quality of the properties they do offer makes them worth checking out.

Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner does things a little differently. Rather than being a company that provides the accommodation, it’s a website that enables owners of rental accommodation to advertise.

There’s a real mix of apartments types and locations but all offer turnkey convenience and either central or rural locations plus use of whatever amenities the property has.

InTown Suites

InTown Suites is a smaller provider of corporate apartments suitable for traveling construction workers. They provide accommodation for up to 6 guests in locations across the country, ideal for the traveling contractor.

Properties are predominantly apartments but they do offer some townhomes or villas too. Prices are fairly keen and the customer services is responsive and helpful. Overall, a good provider to try.

National Corporate Housing

National Corporate Housing has a large portfolio of corporate accommodation covering most of the mainland United States. It has thousands of urban and suburban properties covering all shapes and sizes, ideal for construction workers who want to stay on their own or with colleagues.

Properties are the usual mix of Downtown apartments, developments, gated communities and townhomes. All are fully furnished and equipped too.

Weichert Corporate Housing

Weichert Corporate Housing is a prime provide of corporate housing for traveling construction workers, business travelers, military personnel and anyone who needs quality accommodation for 30 days or more.

Properties tend to be apartments within cities but there are a few more rural locations. Each will have appliances, furniture and everything you require for genuine turnkey convenience.

Published on: Sep 22, 2021 By Barry Goodknight