Corporate Lodging in Kansas City By Blu

Corporate housing is what Blu does best. The term refers to any type of rented accommodation that is hired by a company to house employees. Corporate rentals are one of the only growth areas left in the real estate market and we intend to keep that going for as long as possible.CORPORATE APARTMENT LISTINGS

Our corporate housing service is designed around you. Blu will find the highest standard of accommodation that meets your requirements in location, price, type and rental period.

We can do this for any organization, of any size, anywhere in America. We have contacts in over 5000 cities that can find and secure corporate housing of any type.

The Many Benefits of Corporate Housing

The benefits of using Blu to secure corporate rentals are many. It isn’t all about the money though, which is important but not vital. On average, securing a corporate rental will save you around 50 percent over a comparable hotel room.

The main benefits of corporate housing include:

  • Value
  • Convenience
  • Space
  • Freedom

Renting a larger space for around half the cost of a hotel room is a compelling reason to use Blu to find your next corporate rental. However, as the list above shows, it isn’t all about the money.

In these challenging times, much is made of lowering overheads and protecting the bottom line, which is all true. However, it misses the main focus of most businesses, that of value. Ask any businessman in any city in the country and they will all say the main goal of any company is to extract maximum value out of every investment. That’s what working with Blu will get you.

Securing corporate rentals through us will get you a bigger place for less money. For the longer stayer, that space and the freedom that comes with it is worth more than gold. If you were working in a strange city, being stuck in a hotel room would get old fast.

Change up to a furnished apartment and that project becomes much more bearable. A happier employee is a more productive employee. So not only do you save on the cost of accommodation, happier staff will make you more money. It really is a win-win.

Why Work With Blu?

Blu are corporate housing specialists. This is what we do and we do it well. Working with us means having professionals on your side who can find anything, anywhere, at a price that’s right.

We also take care of the details, from securing the property, taking deposits, arranging essential services and organizing all the extras. We are your one stop shop for everything rental and we are good at what we do.

If you need high quality, low cost corporate housing anywhere in the country, contact Blu today!

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