Top Pet Friendly Corporate Housing Companies in the U.S.

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After working from home for so long, we have gotten very used to sharing our workspace with man’s best friend. So, it can be quite the wrench when you suddenly have to go away for work and contemplate leaving them behind.

All is not lost though, as there are corporate housing providers throughout the U.S. that actively welcome dogs and cats.

There may be local restrictions on breeds and sizes of dogs and the number of pets you can have, but that’s normal. Otherwise, you are free to bring your pet with you for however long you stay.

Pet friendly corporate housing

If you’re looking for corporate housing providers that include pets in some or all of their properties, these are the ones to try.

1.   Blu Corporate Housing

Blu Corporate Housing has nationwide coverage and provides over 65,000 furnished rentals. It covers popular cities like Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Palo Alto, Tampa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Memphis, Redmond, Washington D. C. and many more.

Many properties featured on the Blu Corporate Housing website are pet friendly. You’ll need to check with the company about specific properties, but many of those features in major cities accept pets.

1.   Short Term Housing

Short Term Housing is another corporate housing provider that features lots of pet friendly rentals. The website has over 30,000 corporate rentals in over 6,000 locations across the country. A significant portion of those are pet friendly.

Search or browse locations and properties or contact the company direct for specifics on pets, breeds, numbers and more. A good number of their furnished rentals are pet friendly so you’ll definitely find something!

2.   Travelers Haven

Travelers Haven are a well-established corporate housing and short term housing specialist with over 32,000 apartments and homes on their books. Many of which are pet friendly.

The overall quality of accommodation at Travelers Haven is very high and many welcome furry friends too. The account managers are all familiar with working with pets and owners and can usually recommend apartments for you and your furry friends.

3.   Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner is a bit like Airbnb for corporate rentals. All properties are listed by their respective owners and bookings are handled accordingly. There is a wide range of properties and property types on the website, covering most US cities.

You will have to drill down into each property listing but those that welcome pets should say so in the description, features or in the rates section. A good number of those we tried welcomed dogs, cats or both.

4.   AHI Corporate Housing

AHI Corporate Housing seems similar to Travelers Haven in terms of quality of the website and breadth of properties covered. There are thousands of corporate rentals of all shapes and sizes covering most conceivable needs.

Like these other corporate housing websites, you’ll need to check the individual property listing for the specifics but many of those we checked allowed pets.

5.   National Corporate Housing

National Corporate Housing is exactly that, a national provider of corporate housing. It has thousands of properties across the entire United States and covers corporate, military and all the other frequent users of furnished rentals.

Many properties featured within the website are pet friendly. Quite a few are cat friendly while a good portion of the others welcome dogs too. There aren’t quite as many pet friendly properties as Blu Corporate Housing for example, but enough to make them worth checking out.

6.   Corporate Housing Store

Corporate Housing Store has a relatively basic website but the quality of its properties is great. The company offers thousands of apartments and townhomes across the country, in every state. Many of which are pet friendly.

Like many of these furnished rental websites, you’ll need to check within each listing or contact a member of staff for specifics.

7. is another national provider or short term rentals, including for your pets. It has thousands of houses and apartments in every state and many welcome pets.

The website even has a pet friendly filter, which many of these others don’t, making it easier to find corporate accommodation for you and your pet. A significant portion of those we checked, welcomed pets too.

8.   Weichert Corporate Housing

Weichert Corporate Housing has many thousands of furnished rentals on their books, a large portion of which welcome pets. The range of properties includes houses, apartments, townhomes and more in most major cities.

While the website isn’t the most intuitive, speak to someone or drill down into individual apartments and you’ll soon find a mention of pets.

9.   VIP Corporate Housing

VIP Corporate Housing is our final corporate housing provider that welcomes pets. The company has thousands of properties in most major cities and many of them welcome cats and/or dogs.

You will have to find out yourself by exploring the property details of each listing but pet friendliness should be mentioned in the listing.

Pet friendly furnished accommodation

The exact nature of pet-friendliness depends entirely on the development you choose.

For some, being pet friendly merely means allowing a pet into the apartment. For others, it can mean having a dog park, pet wash, pet walking service while you’re out and other services too.

You will pay extra of course. That will usually include a damage deposit in case your pet damages the property. Some apartments also charge ‘pet rent’, which can be cheap, or not great value depending on where you’re staying.

Breed restrictions

Some apartment complexes will have breed restrictions for dogs. It makes sense to check the individual development you’re planning to say in, but in general, the following breeds are often prevented from staying:

  • American Pit bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita
  • Cane Corso
  • Presa Canario
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Doberman
  • German Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Huskie
  • Dalmatian
  • Chow Chow
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Wolf hybrids

It’s unfair that breeds are restricted in this way as all dogs are different, but those mentioned above more commonly cause trouble than others.

Your corporate apartment will come fully furnished and equipped, include all utilities, internet, heating, TV and everything you need to begin living right away.

Traveling with work doesn’t mean being away from your pet as well as your home. As long as your schedule and destination support it, there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot travel as a family!