If you need a furnished apartment in Roanoke, Blu Corporate Housing is here to help. We can literally find anything, anywhere in the country. With a reach of over 5000 cities in 50 states, we have the power to deliver quality accommodation at exceptional prices.

A furnished apartment is the very best way to explore a new city like Roanoke. They are also the ideal solution for accommodating staff while they work away, or enjoy an extended vacation without having to deal with hotels.Blu Corporate Housing (8)

If you need to stay somewhere for 30 days or more, there is no better, or cheaper way to rent somewhere to stay. A furnished apartment is cheaper than a hotel room, larger too and ideal for families, workers and colleagues to enjoy and share.

The Benefits of Furnished Apartments

You could be forgiven for thinking a furnished apartment is more trouble to arrange and more expensive to rent, but you would be wrong. On average, a furnished apartment from Blu is over 50% cheaper than a comparable hotel room.

Arranging your accommodation is easy too. Just tell us what you want, where and when and leave the rest to us. We can set up a range of options then arrange everything once you make your decision. It couldn’t be easier!

Hotels are far from the only option when staying away from home for any length of time. Furnished apartments are becoming increasingly popular for both of those reasons above. They also offer other benefits over hotel rooms too.

They are:

  • Cheaper than a hotel roomv2
  • More convenient that a hotel room
  • Often better located than a hotel
  • More private than a hotel room
  • More flexible than a hotel room

Don’t get us wrong, hotels are great if you’re staying somewhere a few days. Any longer than that and they quickly lose their attraction. A furnished apartment in Roanoke is the best way to see the city if you’re staying here any length of time.

The privacy and flexibility of a furnished apartment should not be underestimated. In an apartment, you can eat when you want to, what you want to. You can relax without hearing people in the room next door arguing, or worse. You have your own front door, can entertain guests or colleagues and generally use it as you please.

Considering you get all those benefits for less than half the cost of a hotel room, why would you use anything else?

It’s no wonder furnished apartment rentals are so popular. The low cost, privacy and convenience of them makes them ideal if you’re planning to stay somewhere for a month or more.

If you’re looking for a furnished apartment in Roanoke or anywhere, Blu is here to help. Contact us and tell us what you want and where and leave the rest to us!

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