Testimonials are your chance to let us know how you really feel. In an industry built around people and relationships, our professionalism and ability to deliver value for money and superior service are paramount. That’s why feedback is so important to us.

What follows are just a few positive comments our Roanoke corporate rentals team have received over the past years.

Blu gave me the best time in a wicked apartment! I wish I had known about them years’ ago, better than a hotel and a great way to impress!

Ryan Spiller. Roanoke

Our vacation rental near the Blue Mountains was the perfect spot for a quiet getaway and to enjoy the outdoors. It was lovely and cheap too. The perfect combination in my book. Nice one Guys!v2

Mr. Abraham. Miami

Not being able to afford traveling the world isn’t so bad when you have a nice place in the US to stay. A good staycation doesn’t have to be a compromise when we can stay somewhere for a month for the price of a week or two in a hotel. The family and I loved our home near the river, it was ideal.

The Vokes Family. Virginia

I travel a lot and usually have to contend with a boxy room in a cheap motel as my boss won’t stump up the cash for anything better. The apartment in Roanoke was superb. I am now recommending Blu Corporate Housing to all my colleagues so they can avoid motels too.

Arnold Hamilton. Canada

Thank you so much for the nice little corporate apartment you arranged for me in Roanoke. It was in a decent location and had just about everything I needed.

Jason. Jacksonville

We stayed in a corporate apartment that Blu LLC Haven arranged and wanted to take a minute to thank you for it. We worked and partied hard, all on the bosses dime!

Anon. Boston

I work frequently with convalescing patients and wanted to take a moment to thank Blu for consistently finding nice places for them to stay. I have to visit to support aftercare and it’s nice to see patients being able to recover with dignity.

Mrs. Abonagee. New York

I am writing to you to thanks you for the outstanding job that Blu Corporate Housing did finding us a corporate rental in a small city like Roanoke. We did worry that we would be stuck in a dive somewhere out of the way, but were relieved to find a nice apartment in the city. Thanks guys!

Chad Kardy. New Orleans

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