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Furnished Corporate Housing in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is the state’s second city after Denver and sits almost a mile above sea level. With Pikes Peak as our backdrop and everything Colorado has to offer on our doorstep, living and working here is a pleasure that few cities can match.

History of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs was founded by General William Jackson Palmer in 1871 as the first destination of his Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The original intention was to build a resort city that would draw tourists from around the country to use his railroad and visit the city. It worked and drew people from all around to live there.

The gold rush brought more people to Colorado Springs during the mid-18th century. A major gold strike in Pike’s Peak brought thousands of hopefuls to the area, although most of them moved on after. Ore was also found, which was exploited and milled nearby in Colorado City. Once the rush ended, most of the miners left and Colorado Springs reverted back to its resort roots.

This continued until the mid-20th century when the military arrived. Camp Carson was built in 1942 for the US Army, then the airport was turned into Peterson Field for the Air Force. Camp Hale soon followed, bringing even more personnel to the area. Then came the United States Air Force Academy in 1954, NORAD came in 1963 and built their ultra-secure facility in the Cheyenne Mountain and then Falcon Air Force Base was built in 1983.

Some of these bases are still experiencing growth and the inclusion of Air Force Space Command at Peterson has brought a lot of new personnel to the area.

With all that military presence, it’s no wonder defense is Colorado Springs main economic driver. There is also an element of high technology and manufacturing as well as support industries that contribute to the well being of the city.

The Climate

We enjoy a favorable semi-arid climate that gives us four distinct seasons, rain to keep our grass green and snow to challenge our drivers. It gets hot in summer, cold in winter and provides perfect weather for exploring the amazing countryside around the city. We are however, the epicenter for lighting strikes in the whole country, which is why Nicolai Tesla set up shop here.

Getting Around Colorado Springs

Our main airport is Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, which is modern and well thought-out. Nearby Pueblo Memorial Airport offers small plane landings and Denver International Airport is only 80 miles away.

We have buses from Mountain Metropolitan Transit which serves some of the city but not others. Like many American cities, our public transport system is sadly lacking, so the car is our main method of getting around.

Fortunately, we are well served by roads. The I-25 runs north to south, the US 24 goes nearby, as does the US 85 and US 87. The Colorado 21, 83, 94 and 115 all service the local districts, offering plenty of options to get around Colorado Springs.


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