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Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia and home to over 5 million people. What began as a confluence of railway lines has grown into a characterful, lively city that is now the 9th largest city in the country.

History of Atlanta

The area that is now Atlanta was originally home to the Cherokee and Creek Native American peoples. Europeans arrived in 1802 and claimed the area, gradually pushing out the natives until the area was ceded in 1821. The first settlers arrived in 1822 and began their claims in the Atlanta GA (1)area.

It wasn’t until 1836 and the arrival of the railroad that the area was settled properly. The Western and Atlantic Railroad built a terminus, which spawned its own settlement, initially named Terminus, then Thrasherville, then Marthasville, then Atlanta-Pacifica, before becoming Atlanta in 1847.

Being an early transport hub, the population of Atlanta grew steadily. The town worked hard to ferry supplies via rail during the Civil War until the Battle of Atlanta in 1864, which ended up with the majority of the city being razed to the ground. Once the war ended, the population picked themselves up and began rebuilding. The position of the area and the rail hub were too good not to.

Once rebuilt, the city grew steadily. The building of colleges and schools saw Atlanta take the mantle of an educational center including the building of what is now Georgia Tech. The city also saw the premier of Gone with the Wind, speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King and cultural improvements brought on by the Civil Rights Movement. The arrival of the Olympic Games in 1996 cemented our place in history.

What to do in Atlanta

Atlanta is now a transformed city, modern, diverse and energetic. It’s a great place to live and work and somewhere people want to be. With a huge economy, the 8th largest in the country, there is a real appetite for entertainment, education, history and sport.

Arts and Culture

There are many art and cultural venues for residents and visitors alike including; Atlanta OperaAtlanta Ballet, the Alliance TheatreWoodruff Arts CenterAtlanta Symphony Orchestra and many more.Atlanta GA (3)


Music and Entertainment

Music is a way of life in the South and Atlanta is no different. We work hard and play hard too, which is why the city has so much to offer. Venues and events include; The Georgia Renaissance FestivalAtlanta Film FestivalAtlanta Jazz FestivalThe Georgia Shakespeare Festival and more.


We have a long and illustrious history and have played a part in many pivotal moments in our country’s development. It’s only right that we honor and celebrate that fact, while allowing new generations to learn from our mistakes. Heritage venues include; The Museum of Design AtlantaGeorgia AquariumCNN CenterMartin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and theAtlanta Cyclorama.

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