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Atlanta, Georgia is the primary city in the state, is home to more than 5 million residents and is the 9th most populous city in the country. It is a lively, thriving city that makes urban life enjoyable.

History of AtlantaAtlanta-GA-31-300x200

Like many of our urban centers, the area that is now Atlanta was once home to the Cherokee and Creeks. When the Europeans began settling in earnest in 1822, the Native Americans were gradually pushed out until they ceded the area completely.

Early Atlanta was small and slow growing and it wasn’t until 1836 and the arrival of the railroad that the city was really a city at all. The Western and Atlantic Railroad was a state-run project to join Savannah with the Midwest. The site where Atlanta sits was chosen as a terminus, specifically, where State Square is now.

The city’s new status as a railroad hub saw rapid expansion once the railroads were complete. These railroads provided vital supplies during American Civil War, which was much of the city razed during the conflict. Like many war-torn areas, Atlanta was soon rebuilt to reflect all the qualities it previously enjoyed.

The new city grew rapidly once more, especially schools and colleges. The city became a center for education, including black education, with Atlanta University having been built in 1865. From then on, Atlanta became a focus enlightenment and for the Civil Rights Movement. Our city’s progress was cemented by the arrival of the Olympic Games in 1996.

What to do in Atlanta

Atlanta is a thoroughly modern city with a young population who work hard and like to expand their minds and spirits. It’s a fantastic place to visit and many find themselves staying here for much longer. If you’re planning to come to Atlanta, here are a few things you can expect.

Arts and CultureAtlanta-GA-11-300x210

We have a wide range of art and cultural events and venues spread throughout the city for you to enjoy. The selection is wide and very diverse, which provides a very cosmopolitan outlook. Highlights include; Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Ballet, the Alliance Theatre, Woodruff Arts Center and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Music and Entertainment

Where would we be without music? Atlanta has the widest range of musical venues, concerts and events, as well as many entertainment venues. Whatever your taste, there is bound to be something here for you. Highlights include; The Georgia Renaissance Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival and The Georgia Shakespeare Festival.


Atlanta was a long and varies history full of ups and downs. We like to celebrate that with many heritage venues including museums, monuments and places to learn about our past. Highlights include; The Museum of Design Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and the Atlanta Cyclorama.

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